My Favourite Places in Thailand | Travel with CIBC Aventura

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you probably know that I used to live in Thailand. If you’re just new to APOE, you’ve probably wondered why I have so much content from Southeast Asia; this is because I left Canada when I was eighteen, fell in love with Bangkok and ended up spending six years there. I know it’s an unconventional way to spend one’s youth, but I’m a firm believer that travelling is one of the best things there is. The world has lots to teach us!


My Favourite Skincare Products

You all know that I love me some skincare, so I thought I would do a little update to share new products that I’m loving, as well as my long-time faves for those of you who are newer to APOE. Yay!

I have very sensitive skin. It’s oily, but dry. I am allergic to certain ingredients; anything with citrus will turn my face bright red and will burn until I wash it off. Perfumed products give me headaches. The only exfoliator that doesn’t make my skin agitated is a Clarisonic. Basically my skin is a hot mess, so I have to be very careful about what I’m putting on it.


Next Level Hair with Sassoon

I had never died my hair up until about a year ago, but then I randomly decided to try silver and I haven’t looked back since. I find that playing with hair colour takes personal style to a whole new level, so I love the little punch that it adds to my daily #OOTD. So far my hair has been white, grey, silver, pink, purple and now it’s something along the lines of “squid ink/Ursula junior” making it my most intense colour yet.


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