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The majority of the population tends to laugh at the idea of denim on denim, but I think it’s actually the pretty cool! So long as the denims are a little bit different, I think they can totally be worn together. I’d stay away from a matching jacket and jeans though. That’s taking it a little too far. This outfit is from Meraki, one of my favourite Victoria boutiques. They now have an online shop too!


Eco Fashion Week Seattle

I recently had the opportunity to attend my second Eco Fashion Week in Seattle. The four days filled with fashion, friends, food and far too much wine amounted to yet another memorable press trip. The first Eco Fashion Week I attended left a lasting impact on my sense of style, so I was excited to be going again. In retrospect, I would consider the time between my first and second Eco Fashion Weeks a period of significant evolution in my personal style. If you have not yet read my first article, or are in need a refresher, you can find it here.


Gold Infused Skincare

There’s an entire skincare line infused with gold!!! I’ve seen the odd cream or mask boasting gold on the bottle, but an entire skincare collection of the precious metal is seriously next level. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you will know that skincare is my jam when it comes to anything beauty related, so I had to give Orogold’s 24K Gold Nano Collection a try when the opportunity presented itself.


Long & Layered Coats X The Bay Centre


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One of the many things I was excited about when moving back to Canada was the opportunity to layer my outfits. After 6 years of tropical heat, I was thrilled to go shopping for sweaters, scarves, boots and jackets (and then wear them all at once).

In my opinion, Victoria’s mild-climate provides us with the ideal winter for cold weather clothing; although bundling up in a parka isn’t necessary, it’s still cold enough to need some kind of jacket. I love styling outerwear and layering to my heart’s content, so sharing my must-have long jackets for winter seemed like the perfect topic for my next segment with The Bay Centre.


A Meraki Safari

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I’ve been trying to avoid green backgrounds on the blog lately, but this tall grass was just too good to pass up. Given that I had styled a camel coat with leopard print boots and a felt hat, I figured it was an appropriate time to channel my inner safari vibes.

I have been in love with Meraki’s selection of hats lately (and boots as you may have noticed) . They have this amazing round hat with a chin strap that I really wanted to wear with this outfit, but I was worried it took safari a bit too literally. Instead I went for this grey fedora that I swear would look good on anyone. Meraki is in the process of getting their online store up and running, so you’ll be able to shop their perfectly curated selection of clothing from bed really soon.


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