Rifflandia Music Festival

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Rifflandia take places in Victoria around the middle September every year. Although this may not seem like the ideal season after a summer filled with sunny festivals, I like having one more musical weekend to look forward to as Fall arrives. It had been many years since I last attended the festival due to my time abroad, so I was really excited to see how it had grown and evolved.


The Bay Centre X APOE

The arrival of October will mark the first anniversary of my return to Victoria. After my time abroad, being at home has allowed me to explore the new shopping, food and sights that the city has to offer. It has also granted me the ability revisit my old favourites, to enjoy once again what I loved about them and to see how they’ve evolved.

The historic downtown core a has played an integral part of my daily life in Victoria. I have always loved to explore the back alleys, walk the inner harbour, enjoy the beautiful old buildings or drink bubble teas in Chinatown. Nestled in the midst of these special places is The Bay Centre, which I’ve been frequenting since I was a teenager and continue to visit today. For this reason, I am both honoured and excited to be partnering with them over the coming months as a part of their #LoveLifeBayCentre campaign.


Local Style

These photos literally involved climbing out the fire escape of a Chinatown loft and getting Ian to jump across to the roof of the next building, so that he could take photos looking back at me. It was rather precarious and didn’t leave much room for camera angles, but on the plus side we managed to take outfit photos without actually leaving the apartment!


Leather Weather

Shop Leather Jackets


It’s weird to say that I’m excited for fall, but I am. Cold weather clothing is a novelty after 6 years of living in a tropical country. After all, nothing beats layering outfits.


Give a Sh!rt with Value Village

There aren’t many shopping experiences that are more exciting than thrift shopping. Although it takes a little bit of time, it is so satisfying when you find that special piece of clothing. Add in the sustainability factor of shopping second hand and you just might have your most positive fashion experience yet!

For me, shopping at Value Village is an escape from the fast paced industry that is modern fashion. The marketing of consumer clothing is very powerful and a trip to the shopping mall often results in the purchase of several items that I will most likely only wear twice. Although shopping thrift takes a little bit longer, I find that by sorting through items without the input of those big marketing powers allows me to really find things that I love, given that there is no external influence telling me what I should be wearing. For this reason, the clothes that I have from thrift shops are some of my longest worn and most cherished items.


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