Four Boots to Wear This Winter

It looks like fall is finally arriving in Toronto, so it’s time to talk about boots! Although I pretty much lived in combat boots last winter, I’m planning (hoping) to mix it up a bit more this year. These particular OTK boots are from Call It Spring and are the first ever thigh high boots to actually fit me! I have size 39.5 feet, so by the time tall boots are big enough in length, they are always huge in the calves. If you have the same problem as me, give the Call It Spring “Valerana” boots a try because they did the trick for me.

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A Day at Moonshine Juicery

I recently had the opportunity to spend a beautiful day at Moonshine Juicery in Waterloo about two hours outside of Toronto. It was a wonderfully welcome escape amidst the craziness of fashion week, as well as a day to focus entirely on mental and physical wellbeing. As someone whose brain is running five hundred miles per hour (to the point where I’ve made myself physically ill), these pauses to focus inward are both necessary and important. From the moment I arrived at Moonshine, I felt calmer than I had in a long time. By the end of the day, I was refreshed and inspired….and all that after only about five hours. Follow along as I take you through my day of wellbeing with Moonshine Juicery.


A Love For Structured Haircuts & Sassoon Makeover Giveaway

I have been a very lucky girl to have had the opportunity to partner with the talented team at Sassoon Salon Toronto over the past six months. I learned lots and with their knowledge and expertise, really changed the approach that I take with my hair. The above photos were taken partway through the partnership, after having my hair cut and styled for the Power Ball. The deep part and sleek finish lasted for days, so talk about an epic job!