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If you’ve been reading APOE for awhile, you will know that I am pretty into health and fitness. Having said that, I am also notorious for falling off the wagon with my workout routines. I tend to forget all my goals and habits as soon as a slight change occurs or I find myself in a new situation.

With my recent move to Canada, my workouts have once again gotten few and far between. Although I have been getting lots of runs in, my strength training has been next to nothing, so this is where the 108 to Great workout comes into play.

I have teamed up with Movement 108, a local Vancouver fitness studio to create a special routine. The following workout has been specially curated for those of us with random lifestyles, who aren’t sure where we will be eating lunch let alone our geographical whereabouts next week (we probably won’t be transporting any workout equipment with us either).

Without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to Becky. If you’re interested in Becky’s credentials, you can find them here. On top of all her fitness knowledge, Becky was also my childhood best friend! I basically lived at this girl’s house from Grade 3-5 (or something like that). I realize that was a really, really long time ago, but somehow I still feel like I know her after years apart.

Although I love working out, my techniques and actual knowledge in regards to application of movement is seriously limited, so I’m going to let Becky lead the way for the 108 to Great workout. Let’s get going.

108 to Great

Warm Up:

Pike Arches 8


Single Leg Plank Walkouts 10

Pushups 5

Prisoner Squats 25

Plank Walkups 10

Mountain Climbers 50

Repeat 3-5 times

Total reps = 108! – hence the name

Do these exercises while travelling or on the go to keep you strong and ready to conquer the world!

The following exercise descriptions should ensure that you are doing the movements correctly and using them to their full potential.

Pike Arches: 8 reps

Starting in a plank position, lift the hips up high in the air to create an ‘A-shape’ with the body. This is your ‘Pike’. Work on extending the knees straight, lifting the tailbone up, and dropping the heels into the ground to lengthen the hamstrings. Make sure the neck is elongated and your eyes look towards your belly button. After pausing here for 3 deep breaths, transfer the body back into plank position and squeeze your glutes as you lower your hips down. Meet your ‘Arch’. You should be in a gentle back bend, with the chest lifted and breathing deep through your core for another big 3. Keep the legs extended straight and hips off of the ground unless you experience back sensitivity. A delicious stretch! Repeat.

Single Leg Plank Walkouts: 10 reps (5 per leg)

Begin standing on your left foot, with a gentle bend in your supporting leg. We are going to be strengthening your glutes and core, so get ready! Keeping the hips level and the back flat, bend the left knee enough so that you can reach your hands down to the ground. Palms flat, start to ‘baby-step’ your hands forward until you come into a plank position. Remember you only have 3 points of contact as the right foot is hovering off of the ground the entire time. Pause in a nice long plank position for 3 breaths, then slowly walk the hands back to your foot. Find your balance on your left leg and stand up. Stay on the left foot for a total of 5 rounds before your switch to the other side. Feel it yet?

Pushups: 5 reps (10 second lowering – it will hurt!)

Ah push-ups, you old arch nemesis. Incredibly difficult to do right so we are going to teach you how. Start in a plank position and ‘make tight’. That means pull your core in, squeeze your glutes (yes glutes), engage your quads and grip at the mat with your finger pads. Now, slowly lower for a burning count of 10. The goal is to keep your body rock solid; no sagging low back! Your chest should touch the mat microseconds before your hips do. Resting on your stomach and consider your two options: push back up from knees or ‘make tight’ to push your rock-solid body back to a full plank position.

Prisoner Squats: 25 reps (hands behind head, sit back)

Okay, so lets be honest. You should be sweating by now. To begin your squats, interlace your hands behind your head, and press the back of the skull into the hands. Elbows are lifted up. Position your feet just wider then your hips and turn your feet out slightly. Find a focal point directly in front of your eyes and maintain eye contact as you begin to lower into a deep squat position. Keep the weight in the heels and drop till your hips are lower then the knees (did I say glutes again!?) Push the knees open as much as you can! Nothing good ever came easy, so keep practicing this one as it requires a lot of diligent work.

Plank Walkups: 10 reps (alternating)

Back into your plank position, please!  Starting in your ‘high plank’, up on your hands, you are going to replace the right hand on the mat with the right forearm. Next, drop down to your left forearm to make your ‘low plank’ position. Now its time to get back up – replace the right hand directly under the right shoulder and using your brute strength, push back up to both hands. You should be just as you started in your ‘high plank’ (minus the dripping sweat). The goal here? Keep your body from shifting side to side as you move up and down.

Mountain Climbers: 50 reps (alternating as fast as you can!)

Time to get the rest of that energy out. In your plank position up on your hands, pull your right knee in-between your elbows to tighten the core while the left leg stays extended back. Then, as quick as lightening, switch your legs so your right leg is now extended back and your left knee is pulled in tight towards your chest. Switch, switch, switch, and don’t stop till you drop!


After 3-5 repeats, you can now take a few minutes to chill. You did it! Workout complete.


Important to avoid injury and help your body recover for the next time.


We’re assuming you’re pretty sweaty, so time to give back to your body.

It’s Elise again. I know Becky rocks, so I hope you aren’t too sad to see me back. I am going to be coming back to this post often when I find myself in a hotel room somewhere and in need of a workout. If you haven’t already, I suggest reading the exercise descriptions; I learned a lot from them, so I think you will too.

I would like to thank Becky from Movement 108 for putting together the 108 to Great workout. If you’re ever in Vancouver and looking for somewhere to exercise, I would definitely recommend checking out the studio – I had a blast and was still sore 2 days later.