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Glasses: Bailey Nelson – Watch: KLARF – Backpack: MEC (vintage)

I’ve been really trying to cut down my wardrobe lately by purchasing fewer, but better pieces. Over time I’ve realized that when I spend a little extra on something super special, I tend to appreciate it for longer and wear it more often. Although I have never actually done any of those cost per wear calculations, I am pretty sure that good basics, regardless of whether they cost a little bit more to begin with will have the lowest cost per wear. This silk shirt from Equipment is a prime example – it looks good with everything.

Having said that, there are some trends that I know will come and go quickly, but are still too fun to pass up on. Case in point: the 70’s are back and I really want to be a part of it. If you asked me a few years ago, I wouldn’t have guessed that I would be wearing flared denim and clogs in 2016, but here I am loving it. I am pretty sure that within a few months this trend will be long gone, so there really isn’t much point in investing in these items. Therefore, I’ve teamed up with Forever 21 to bring you a few reasonable priced 70’s items for summer (which just so happen to be perfectly perfect for Coachella too). Enjoy!