I have been a very lucky girl to have had the opportunity to partner with the talented team at Sassoon Salon Toronto over the past six months. I learned lots and with their knowledge and expertise, really changed the approach that I take with my hair. The above photos were taken partway through the partnership, after having my hair cut and styled for the Power Ball. The deep part and sleek finish lasted for days, so talk about an epic job!

Vidal Sassoon opened his first salon at 108 Bond Street, London in 1954. At a time when backcombing, rollers and heavy lacquer was the fashion. Vidal’s belief that hair should be cut so perfectly that it would fall naturally into the correct shape was revolutionary. This notion is still alive within Sassoon’s culture today and is something that I have begun to understand and adopt during our partnership.

The following photos will take you through the process I experienced personally, as I grew out of my need to make a statement with extreme colour and to really understand the beauty of a perfectly structured haircut.

At my first appointment at Sassoon, I asked for the craziest colour we could think of that would still wash out, so that I could do something else two months down the line. We came up with this wonderfully rich “Ursula” purple that would be vibrant for a week or so, but then fade to a beautiful grey. We bleached my hair completely and then added the purple toner.

About a month later, I decided I wanted a haircut. With much of the toner faded out, my hair was a nice cool shade of blonde. I went in for my first Sassoon cut. Their stylist’s ability to create distinct shapes that fall naturally is something that I had never experienced before. I learned the difference between having a hair style and having a haircut. The power in a cut is exceptional. People were stopping me on the streets to ask about my hair.

The above and below photos were my first “cut” from Sassoon. I had been adverse to layers for years, but somehow my stylist convinced me that it would be wonderful, so we layered the back short and had the hair get gradually longer as it moved to the front. The best part was that it dried on it’s own perfectly.

Next up in the revolution of my hair is the asymmetrical cut. I was in the mood for something a little edgy, so we chopped off half my hair. I didn’t regret it for a second (in fact, I still have it a bit asymmetrical today). In addition to the change in cut, we bleached out the roots again, but decided to remove some of the grey to get a brighter, slightly warmer blonde. As someone who has always been partial to ash, I was happy to see that I loved the white blonde too.

This was probably the warmest phase in my blonde during the past six months. Most of the initial purple toner was completely gone, so I have more of a “beach blonde” vibe going on in the below photos. Although most people said it looked great, I decided that the warm tones weren’t for me, so was ready to bring back some ash.

I continued to rock the two different lengths for summer, but made the variance even more extreme to get some rock and roll vibes for music festivals. You can see what we also toned out the warmth to get back to that bright, white blonde.

Next up we have the beginning of fall, at which point I had pretty much adopted cut over extreme colour entirely. I made the decision to stop bleaching my hair and to rock the darker roots. We went for a less white, more natural shade of blonde, so that the cut of my hair would be the point of focus. We added a few layers through the front to add body and movement for the first time in a long time.

All in all, with the help of Sassoon, I learned to appreciate the shapes and structure of hair and how with the right cut, you can make a statement even with subtle colour. Now that’s what I call beautiful! Thank you, Sassoon.

In celebration of a beautiful partnership, Sassoon Salon and I are giving away a voucher for a complimentary makeover (Cut, Colour and Treatment) worth up to $350 at their Yorkville location. All you have to do to enter is comment on this blog post with what your dream cut would look like. I can’t wait for you to have the Sassoon experience like I did! **GIVEAWAY CLOSED**