So I didn’t really see this one coming, but I can’t stop wearing jeans! After years of avoiding them entirely in Thailand because it’s hot AF, I think I have finally adopted them back into my wardrobe. I even have a pair of skinny jeans which is shocking because we all know how I feel about tight clothing (lols).

It all started when I wasn’t actually invited to a Fidelity Denim preview (I kind of crashed it because my friend was there, but it ended up being alright) and totally fell in love with the brand. The founder, Jason Trotzuk, was at the event and we got talking to him about denim and the brand in general. My blogger friends and I quickly realized that not only was their denim dope, but the people and values behind the brand were awesome too. We all know that I love a product more when I also love the people behind it, so alas this marked the beginning of my obsession with Fidelity Denim. It’s amazing how it can only take one great brand to completely change your perspective about something you had written off completely.

Anyways, I went home from this event with one pair of Fidelity jeans and found myself emailing them the next morning to chat about partnering further. Since that day I have been accumulating and obsessing over their various styles of denim. I also got one their Ryder Denim Jacket, which I wear at least four times a week. It has gotten to the point where the “Canadian Tuxedo” is practically my uniform. I swear it’s cool, but the key is to wear two different washes of denim.

The jeans in this particular post are, in my opinion, the one pair you need if you’re only going to get one pair of Fidelity. Slightly distressed, but not over the top, a slim fit, but not too skinny, as well as the perfect amount of crop mean that these jeans can literally be worn with anything at any time. Talk about stylish versatility. We all need the Axl Crop!

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Jeans: Fidelity Denim – Bag: Henri Bendel – Glasses: Clearly – Watch: Berg + Betts

Blazer: Topshop – Sandals: Cartel Footwear