When I went to Mykonos I expected to fall in love with the beach and not the rocky terrain that overlooks it, but it was actually the dry landscape inland from the coast that really stole my heart. As someone who grew up in a subtropical rainforest and then moved to the jungle, there was something sort of surreal about an entire island with almost no vegetation taller than my waist (aside form the odd freakishly large cactus). I loved it!

We rented a car and spent our days driving around the tiny roads and re-enacting Mufasa atop various versions of pride rock (lols). We spent so much time posing for photos near cacti that I got filled with prickles on more than one occasion. There was an evening when I found a big one in my back that must have been there for at least six hours. All in all, we did make it to the beach a few times, but it is the memories of these gorgeous rocky hills that will remain with me the longest.

I think I must have gotten tired of spending all my time wearing shorts and t-shirts in Thailand because I basically refuse to wear them now. Although this makes holiday dressing a bit tricky, I find that silk shirts and flowing midi skirts and just as cool, if not cooler than the typical denim shorts and camisole  combo. I mean that both temperate wise and in terms of good old “cool kid” points too (especially if you wear a gingham/floral print Greek grandma skirt like this one).

Also, my hat is from Tilley and it’s a size too big, but I actually really like the oversized look! I got the sandals in Athens from Stavros Melissinos whose family has been making custom sandals for over 50 years now. I’ve never had such comfortable slides, so definitely a must-do if you visit Athens.

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Hat: Tilley – Sunglasses: Clearly – Bag: Henri Bendel – Shirt: Joe Fresh – Skirt: Zara