The skincare addiction is really real guys. There are so many things that I love about being a blogger and getting to test the new launches from my favourite skincare brands is up there on the list. When I attended a dinner with Caudalie a few months ago to celebrate an “exciting new launch”, I had no idea just how epic it was going to be.

I am far more dedicated to skincare than I am to makeup. I love experimenting with beauty products, but at the end of the day, it’s only skincare that is a part of my routine every single day. I have found that in taking care of my skin, I actually feel that I look my best when wearing no makeup at all. Fresh and healthy is my favourite beauty look.

Caudalie is one of my favourite skincare lines. Their products are always included in my seasonal favourites and roundups. As a skincare line, it works wonderfully on my sensitive skin. As a brand, they’re family owned and use only gentle, but effective ingredients, so I’m both proud and happy to support them. My heart feels warm just thinking of the lovely public relations team that I have the chance to work with directly. They’re all so sweet!

I was introduced to Premier Cru The Serum over a delicious dinner with their team. I took the serum, as well as the whole Premier Cru line home with me and haven’t used another product since. This is the first time ever (and I mean ever), that I found a line which made me move aside each and every other product I had been using. It’s a big deal guys!

Premier Cru The Serum is built upon a new technology co-patented by Caudalie and Harvard Medical School called “Vinergy”. This component is a combination of Resveratrol from vines and Betaine from plants which increases the composition of collagen in your skin by 46% in 48 hours. Yup, two days. It’s nuts. Note: this is when the serum is used alongside Premier Cru The Cream.

When they said the above at the dinner it was hard to believe. I mean, I love Caudalie, but they’re basically comparing their cream to an injectable filler and that’s a big statement. Naturally, I took home the products and started using them right away. My face felt hydrated and my skin didn’t react poorly, so I was happy. I continued to use it, but didn’t think about it much.

A few days later, I was at a press event for a Derma Spa and was complaining to one of the ladies about the areas on my skin which were loosing firmness. There were lines beginning to form between my eyebrows and around my mouth. When she reacted with laughter and I turned to the mirror to show her, I realized the marks I was talking about were significantly less visible than they had been the other day. I couldn’t believe it. The areas of my face that I had been complaining about were looking like they did back when I was 20. It was pretty cool!!!

I went home both excited and a little bit shocked. Caudalie had seriously improved the areas of aging on my face which had been bothering me for months and it only took took a few days. I’ve been raving about it everyone I know ever since.

If only this greatness continued after you stop using the cream. It’s a fairly temporary fullness, so  I guess that’s the benefit of injectables (lols), but this line is for you if you’re looking for the latest and greatest in non-invasive anti-aging.

Premier Cru The Serum and the rest of the Premier Cru line are currently available online through the Caudalie website.

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