To all my friends/readers who live abroad, particularly those who are far far away from home: how do you deal with missing your family? Out of all the years I’ve been in Thailand, this week is probably the hardest I’ve experienced. Send me your tips/insights/wisdom!

On a happier note, there is a whole bunch of local fun going on in this post. First, I would like to introduce you to Porshz. I found this accessories brand on Instagram and pretty quickly became obsessed. The designer is here in Bangkok and not only does he make the coolest bling, but he is a Yogi too!

The dress featured was worn briefly in a previous post (here), but I wanted to wear it again. It is actually silk sleepwear, but it’s too pretty to be worn to bed. The dress came from a shop my family and I discovered in Cambodia called Artisans Angkor. It was by far our favourite store of the whole trip and definitely where we spent the most money. Woo!

Artisans Angkor is a Cambodian co-operative company with the goal of keeping the traditional Khmer arts and crafts alive, all the while working as an organisation to provide education and a sustainable means of income for people in rural Cambodia. It’s quite a mouthful to describe, but it’s because there is just so much good happening!

The company grew from an organisation called Chantiers-Ecoles de Formation Professionelle in the 90’s, who wanted to develop Cambodia’s economy in a socially responsible way. The CEFP decided they would work towards this goal through educating people in the rural regions to be artisans in the traditional crafts, which would create goods to cater to the new niche market of tourism.

Now, with over 1300 employees, Artisans Angkor is the largest employer in the Siem Reap region and is proud to call itself a “social” business. By providing free education and training to become artisans as a means of economic integration and by providing higher than average income, as well as benefits including medical, Artisans Angkor is a business I am proud to support.

To top if off, the co-operative side of the business has allowed the artisans a 20% share in the company, which means that as Artisans Angkor grows, so does the return to the artisans. With all this in mind, I think I will conclude with a quote from my mother, “I feel great spending all my money here”!

Earrings: PorshZ – Dress: Artisans Angkor – Tote: Charlie Middleton

Sandals/Blazer: Zara

Photos by Kiki from http://www.curatedbykiki.com <3

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