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Dress: Playhound by Greyhound

If you’re wondering why pretty much every photo has something weird going on with it (the arm above or the facial expressions below), it’s because I was really, really hungover for these photos. The full #CVDineAround post will be up soon (you followed along on Snapchat, right?), but in the meantime here’s a look we shot in the Comox Valley the morning after a full day of wine touring followed by all the best nightlife that Comox has to offer (lolz). It was a struggle, but I managed…sort of.

This outfit kind of makes me laugh because it could not be more trend oriented; the bootcut denim, layered dress & skinny scarf are all things that are so trendy at the moment, but that we probably wouldn’t be caught wearing early 2015. I mean, maybe layered dresses are always kind of present, but they’re here now more than ever. Anyways, I’m glad bootcut & flared denim is back because frankly, it’s just so much more flattering (and comfy!) than the skinny jean.

I will leave it at that because I usually don’t make so many sartorial comments, but I just couldn’t help myself today. Ultimately, I think we should all wear what we want and whatever makes us smile! Yipeee!