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In honor of breaking my phone screen for the third time, I have derived a list of wallets with pockets large enough to store your mobile. I gotta say, I’m quite lucky to live within close promixty of MBK where changing screens cheap. However, having somewhere to store my phone would still save me some trouble. As an added bonus, just tuck in a lipgloss and some oil blotting sheets and you don’t even need a bag. Plus, all these wallets are totally cute enough to be clutch worthy.

I’m sorry if you feel that this is a somewhat half-ass blog post, but It’s final exams and I’m drowning in textbooks. As of next week I’ll be all back to normal with plenty of outfit posts coming your way! Looking forward to sharing some love with you all. Have a good week. xx

P.S. My personal fave is the TOD’s envelope wallet featured above. The glossy red makes a statement and the inside is electric blue leather. Coveting!

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 2

                                           1. Givenchy                                  2. MCM

                                           3. Tory Burch                              4. Saint Laurent

                                           5. Bottega Veneta                       6. Chloe

                                           7. Tory Burch                              8. TOD’S