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You know me and my ever evolving, gadget filled, self-care routine. I’ve blogged a lot of beauty/hygiene tools on APOE. It started with my Sonicaire toothbrush obsession, then Clarisonic for cleansing my face, then I got the Clarisonic body brush, a facial dry brush, the wet hair brush and now I’ve discovered yet another brush to add to my daily routine. Cue tongue brushing with TUNG brush.


The Backwards Haircare System for Growing out Bleached Hair

In addition to wanting to try going darker, my hair also really needed a break from bleaching. I currently have some layers in my hair that I didn’t actually want, but were necessary because there was so much breakage happening. To help combat my seriously damaged hair, I stopped bleaching it and had to learn to care for it accordingly. Just when I finally had my haircare system figured out, my roots started growing out. Suddenly I had all this healthy hair at the top which needed totally different products than the bottoms and that’s when everything got a bit confusing.


My Favourite Mascaras + When to Use Them

One of the many things I love about blogging is trying all the new products! In addition to the latest and greatest in skincare that I frequently share with you, I get to put new beauty products to the test too! This blog post is short and sweet, but a long time in the making. It was around the time I moved to Toronto that I decided I wanted to find the best mascaras on the market. Since then, I’ve jumped at every sample or demo opportunity and finally, I think I’ve come up with my favourites! At least for now…. new things are always popping up.