TIFF Gifting Beauty Favourites

I had so much fun during TIFF! It was my very first time in the city during the film festival and it was even more exciting than I imagined. Not only did I see some amazing films, but the parties were unforgettable and I loved getting glammed up each day. Although cinema is at the core of the festival, with so many people (and endless celebs) in and around the city, Toronto becomes a media hub for brands to get their products out there and in the hands of individuals.


Viviscal: The Secret to Bigger Hair

So, we know that I’m addicted to bleaching my hair, but each time I do it gets thinner and thinner. Add in the fact that I can’t make up my mind on colour and go in one month wanting grey and then the next wanting warm blonde. I end up not only bleaching it, but using dye removers too. Basically, I couldn’t be any harder on my hair. For this reason, I was pretty darn stoked when Viviscal Canada reached out and asked me to review their Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Range because it’s a wetline that’s specifically created to leave hair thicker and fuller while promoting healthy growth –  exactly what I need in my life. Follow along as I share my experience with the Gorgeous Growth Densifying Range products!


All-Natural Summer Skincare & Beauty

Do you guys remember when I started using all-natural skincare and makeup? I began this journey back in Victoria and have been slowly learning what works best for my face since. I have ridiculously sensitive skin, so anything with chemicals, citrus, perfumes and dyes causes a reaction, but somehow it took me almost 25 years to really realize this.

Upon moving to Toronto, I discovered a store called The Detox Market just down the street and it’s the definition of green beauty heaven. With all the natural brands I could ever want or need, it has quickly become my go-to place for everything skin and beauty related. I have had the best time trying out different products and finding my favourites.