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Canada’s Arctic Diamonds

Fun fact: Ekati Diamond Mine located in Canada’s Northwest Territories is the third largest producer of rough diamonds by value in the world. How cool is that?!

It has been awhile since I wrote an article for the Fair Fashion segment of the blog, so I’m extra excited to share this story with you. A lot of what I cover on the blog with regards to ethical manufacturing practices focuses on the garment industry, but today we’re going to switch it up and talk about diamonds. After all, who doesn’t love diamonds?


The Best Oversized Outerwear

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My obsession with outerwear continues as we move into the second half of winter. After years of wearing nothing but light shirts in Bangkok’s heat, I love being able to layer again (hence this jumper, dress, jacket combo). I currently can’t get enough of big, oversized coats; it’s like wearing a blanket. The only issue is that outerwear takes up so much closet space!


How to Style From Your Mum’s Closet

In my opinion, fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I kind of wish that I had access to the closet of a person from every possible setting in every possible era, so that I could fulfill whatever random creative urge I’m having that day. Getting dressed is easy if I’m in the mood to be comfortable because I just spend the day in ÉLISE pajamas, but what if I want to go full on Harajuku? It can be pretty hard now that I don’t have Asia’s markets at my fingertips. There was a time in Bangkok where my job had me dressing up in costumes several times a week, which was probably the most sartorially over the top period in my life. I spent my youth creating a fairytale world in which I dressed differently each day and generally to the extreme and I loved every minute of it. In case you haven’t seen it, a prime example is the day my friend dressed me up which I have linked here.


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