How To Shop at Value Village

I’m obsessed with Value Village. I’ve written about it here, here, here and that’s only the beginning. There’s something wonderfully satisfying about finding a good piece of clothing in a thrift store. It’s easy to find a jacket that’s both cute and cheap at H&M, but getting a beautifully structured wool coat for $12.99 at “VV Boutique” is incomparable. The only issue is that the dry cleaning fee is usually more than the jacket itself. Both jackets in this blog post are 100% wool and were found at Value Village.


Eyewear | Metal Glasses Frames

I’ve been wearing glasses since Grade 5. My very first frames looked a bit like these ones; they were round, metal and perfect for a little kid. Oh and they were pink tortoise. Cool. My next frames were teal, metal and very square. After that I switched to plastic frames and never looked back until a few months ago. I decided to hop on the aviator trend (as you know – I’m wearing them here, here and here) and quickly became obsessed.


Saying Bye Bye to Leather Weather

I left a wonderfully warm and cozy Moroccan themed dinner last week and stepped outside to find snow! Winter is here my friends and it seems like we barely had fall. I’m not complaining, I was having lunch on the patio just a few weeks ago and in Toronto that’s pretty special. Because the transitional fall fashion season was cut a little short, I didn’t spend as much time in this AKL X Bano eeMee jacket as I would have liked, but I guess I’ll be ok. 😛