A Piece of Greece

When I went to Mykonos I expected to fall in love with the beach and not the rocky terrain that overlooks it, but it was actually the dry landscape inland from the coast that really stole my heart. As someone who grew up in a subtropical rainforest and then moved to the jungle, there was something sort of surreal about an entire island with almost no vegetation taller than my waist (aside form the odd freakishly large cactus). I loved it!

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A New Love for Denim

So I didn’t really see this one coming, but I can’t stop wearing jeans! After years of avoiding them entirely in Thailand because it’s hot AF, I think I have finally adopted them back into my wardrobe. I even have a pair of skinny jeans which is shocking because we all know how I feel about tight clothing (lols).


ECCO Shoes Flagship Store Opening #ecco3Dselfie

We all know that I love to combine style and comfort (hence the √ČLISE silk pajamas), so a brand like ECCO fits into my life perfectly. Through a combination of quality manufacturing, emphasis on wearability and simplicity in style, ECCO creates shoes that you can quite literally live in. With its birthplace and headquarters in Denmark, ECCO encompasses the elegant simplicity and timeless allure that is “Scandinavian Style”. The simple beauty of the Scandinavian aesthetic is so easy to wear that I’ve virtually been wearing these silver sneakers and small white cross-body on repeat since I got them. To top if off, I’ve received so many compliments while bouncing around the city in my silver ECCO Soft 8 sneakers!


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