Toronto Women’s Fashion Week | Outfits

I had a blast at my first Fashion Week in Toronto. I hope you all followed along on my Instagram stories because it got wonderfully ridiculous. I attended around four shows each day, as well as a few parties in between. The Toronto Women’s Fashion Week shows were all local Canadian designers with the exception of an international spotlight designer from Berlin. I made an endless array of new friends and had the chance to wear some very fun outfits. It was about minus ten in the above photo though, so I’m not sure how I managed to look so happy. Regardless, this above street style look is my favourite photo from the FW shot by Charlie.


How to Sleep Better | My Bedtime Rituals

I need sleep. I literally can’t function without it. The boyfriend, the parents, they’ve all had to deal with my diva needs when it comes to a solid eight hours rest. I can sort of live with seven hours, but anything below that and my brains stops working, I feel sick to my stomach and turn super pale; it’s like I’m allergic to being tired. So weird. Seriously though, a girl needs her beauty sleep, right?


6 Ways to Live Better in 2017 #LoveLifeBayCentre

The fact that it’s already mid-January and I’m only writing this post now is a sign that it needs to be written. Life is busy. We work hard, we have hobbies, friends and family to visit. Sometimes we are so busy living life that health and self-care drop to the bottom on our list of priorities; this is something that I know too well and am hoping to change in 2017. Because I’m far from alone in the “be healthy” New Year’s resolution crew (try going to the gym in January), I’ve teamed up with The Bay Centre to share with you how I plan to make it all happen.


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