The Toronto Public Library Party

The Toronto Public Library is the largest urban public library system in the world. With 100 branches, TPL saw over 18 million visits in 2016. How epic is that?! Not only is a it a huge system, but it is also an important role that The Toronto Public Library plays within the city. In addition to all the wonderful books, Toronto Public Library offers free internet, videos, music, classes, exhibits and even access to virtual reality equipment! By providing equal access to these wonderful resources, both traditional and digital, the TPL has a wonderfully positive impact on our community. Plus, they throw epic parties in the library, but more on that soon.


Boobyball | RETHINK Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and RETHINK breast cancer is back which all kinds of great initiatives and ways to support their movement to empower young people affected by the disease. The Canadian Cancer Society has found that one in nine women is expected to develop breast cancer in her lifetime, so it really is an illness that we should all have some knowledge of and be open to talking about. This is what RETHINK is all about.


TIFF Party Outfit Roundup

Because I have zero street cred in the film industry, my actual premier invites were few and far between, but I did manage to worm myself into all kinds of amazing after parties and events during TIFF. Although getting all glam is fun, I also like to be a little underdressed for the party because I like the idea of not trying too hard (even though I probably spent longer picking out my outfit than anyone).