Lexus Master Class with the Lexus IS

I knew heading into it that the Lexus Master Class would be a blast! For starters, I had never driven in Toronto, let alone experienced it from the front seat of a Lexus. I couldn’t wait to switch into “Sports Mode”, open the sunroof and explore cool corners of the city. Add ten excited bloggers/friends into the equation, an entire fleet of the 2017 Lexus IS, an itinerary of epic destinations and I knew I was in for an amazing time.


A Birthday/Girl’s Weekend at Fairmont Royal York

I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to celebrate my first birthday in Toronto at the iconic Fairmont Royal York. It’s no secret that I love the group (putting “Fairmont” into the search bar on APOE brings up about fifteen different blog posts), so I was over the moon when I received the invitation to experience yet another of Canada’s grand railway hotels in their portfolio.

I hope you enjoy this post, as I take you through a truly special birthday weekend that I will remember forever thanks to Fairmont Royal York.


NESCAFÉ Coffee Taproom on Queen West

I’ve been here a few months now and I’m super stoked about my new life in Toronto, but I’m embarrassed to admit that my all-too-particular boyfriend and I are still searching for the perfect furniture additions to our condo (lol). If you have any recommendations, please send them my way! Because of the indecisiveness, our living area is pretty sparse, and I regularly have to dart out in search of more work-friendly or comfortable places where I can sit down and get all that computer work done. Luckily, Nescafé has opened up their take on the ideal cafe space just a few hundred metres from home. To top it off, my definition of the perfect spot is exactly the same as their’s because it’s virtually Instagram heaven (winning).


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