A few months ago Ivana, Jovo and myself had the opportunity to spend a few days at Centara Grand Resort & Spa Hua Hin. The purpose of this trip was to create a series of images depicting how the hotel and surrounding areas might be appealing to corporates. Yes, grown up business people. We tried to look the part, but it is questionable whether or not we pulled it off. Either way, we had a great time and Jovo created some pretty awesome pictures (as always).

Out of all the Centara properties I’ve seen, Hua Hin is by far my favourite. It is quite different than any other hotels in the area, given that it is a historical building constructed in colonial style architecture. The staff have all been there so long that they have become llike family and the area has many fun things to do. My favourite activity is probably wine drinking at Hua Hin Hills Vineyard (see my post here).

Photos by Jovo Jovanovic courtesy of Centara Hotels & Resorts.

Here is some of what we did:

Cocktail Drinking at the Beach:

20150127-4N8A5989-01 20150127-4N8A6006-01 20150127-4N8A6053-01 20150127-4N8A6075-01

Hangouts in the Topiary Gardens:


“Work” Time:

20150127-4N8A6302-01 20150127-4N8A6433-01 20150127-4N8A6461-01

Thai Silk Shopping:

20150127-4N8A6660-01 20150127-4N8A6700-01 20150127-4N8A6752-01 20150127-4N8A6825-01 20150127-4N8A6848-01

Temple Touring:

20150127-4N8A6990-01 20150127-4N8A7005-01

Tuk Tuk Riding:


Night Market Exploring:

20150127-4N8A7217-01 20150127-4N8A7239-01 20150127-4N8A7244-01 20150127-4N8A7291-01 20150127-4N8A7305-01 20150127-4N8A7436-01

Afternoon Tea:

20150128-4N8A7830-01 20150128-4N8A8010-01

Hua Hin Hills Vineyard:

20150128-4N8A8042-01 20150128-4N8A8201-01