I’m not sure if it was the glass bottle coke in my hand, the converse on my feet or the bow in my hair, but something about this outfit had me acting like a child. On this day, I literally walked away from W District Market with grass stains on my knees. I have no idea what instilled this behavior/mental relapse, but I know that it was fun and you should try it too. Go get your old lego set and make a princess castle. But seriously, all mental ages aside, this day as a kid really got me thinking about how what I chose to wear in the morning often reflects my current mood and what sort of crazy adventures I will probably get up to that day.

I know that clothes are a material fabrication and that a psychologist will probably say that I am completely unhealthy. However, I truly believe that what one choses to wear can both influence and change a their mood and outlook for that day. Although an extreme one, Lady Gaga is a great example. She literally wakes up in the morning and puts on an entire costume, wig included, that tells a story of her current mental state and view of the world. If you want to hear Gaga describe her fashion inspirations in her own words, check out her feature in issue 2 of Porter Magazine. It is everything.

On a somewhat more subtle note, I think my outfit this day was a reflection of the need to take a break from a constantly self induced urge to act older than I am. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I rarely associate with people my own age, but I often don’t dress my own age either. My favorite footwear are “FitFlops“, purchased alongside all the Thai grandmas, at the Paragon outlet, who literally need them to make it through the day standing.

However, every once in awhile my true age shines through. Or, let’s be honest, my inner child level of maturity. Either way, my outfit this day felt good and felt real. As a young person trying to make it in the world, it’s pretty easy to get lost using clothes to fabricate who we want to be someday. Just don’t forget to be true to yourself. After all, if you’re 22, you can totally wear bows in your hair.






43Dress: H&M – Belt: Calvin Klein – Shoes: Converse -Hair Clip: H&M

 Phone Case: Siam Square – Necklace: Siam Square

Photos by: Violetta Egorova