The A Piece of Elise media kit is available upon request. Please send an email to

I’m also open to simply hearing what you have to say, so shoot me a message and let’s chat!


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  1. Hello Elise,

    I’m writing to you as a fellow blogger based in Bangkok as well 🙂 I’ve heard around about you and seen a lot of your work since we run in similar circles (e.g. writing for Expat Life, Business in Heels event, etc.) and so I was wondering if you would like to touch base and have brunch? Maybe we could do some really cool collaborative work together as well! Okay, clearly my excitement is getting the better of me here.

    Anyways, I run a travel blog based in Bangkok called viaBangkok, which I recently started this June itself. It has unexpectedly been well received, and I didn’t really plan for that to happen so its a nice surprise. You can check it out in the follow links.
    •Instragram: @viabangkok

    If you are at all interested just for lunch, to meet and share ideas as bloggers in Bangkok, or anything at all, please do let me know 🙂

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Jaspreet Narang


  2. Hi Elise,

    I am one of the owners of the Blackfin Pub and unfortunately we were so busy on Friday night, that sadly I wasn’t able to meet and visit with you 🙁

    I hope you had a great time with Susan and John and that you enjoyed your experience at the Blackfin.

    I’m loving your blog, photos, fashion and travel insights, you have great talent girl! I will look forward to following you and your future posts.

    Am hopeful our paths will cross in the future and I wish you continued success and much joy.

    • Hi Lisa!

      I hope you are having a nice week. Thank you so much for the kind words and for stopping by on the blog. Thank you so much for having me at Blackfin Pub! It was a lovely evening – the setting, food and of course, the company. Did you see my posts on Instagram yet? I will be publishing my dine around blog post soon, so I hope you like it. I really enjoyed the Comox Valley and can’t wait to share it with my followers.

      Once again, thank you for having me and I’m so happy you like my blog. I will definitely be visiting Blackfin again soon, so see you then. Take care and I’m sure we will be chatting again when the post is published.

      Best wishes,

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