I have undergone some serious wardrobe changes since arriving back in Canada. I showed up with pretty much zero warm clothes, so I very quickly had to transition my wardrobe to a winter one. Because this had to happen quickly and couldn’t involve much spending, I really had to think about a few essential and useful items that would get me through the winter.

The following outfits will help keep you warm throughout the winter (in mild Victoria, that is). The shopping details are beneath each outfit.

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Dress: Ibex – Turtleneck: JOE Fresh – Shoes: Chloe

I have become obsessed with this Merino Wool wrap dress from Ibex because it is flattering and very versatile. The dress can be worn on it’s own with flats, styled with a jacket and heels or layered with a turtleneck for warmth – the perfect wardrobe staple.

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Shoes: ADIDAS – Vest & Top: Ibex – Jeans: UNIQLO (similar)

A cozy and warm casual look. If you live in Canada, a puffy vest is pretty much a requirement. This vest is lined with wool instead of down, so it’s still warm in the rain. I’ve paired it with the a long sleeve merino crew neck for extra warmth.

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Hat & Mittens: Ibex –  Jeans: Rag & Bone – Shoes: Adidas – Top: Gentle Fawn

I owned no mittens or hats, so getting this set was very, very necessary. I know I am basically a walking ball of Merino at this point, but I just can’t get enough; it’s soft enough to be worn on your head and hands without being itchy.

A second Canadian wardrobe essential is a flannel, duh. I got this top from Gentle Fawn; it’s a little bit more feminine than the typical flannel.

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More turtlenecks; they’re warm and in trend this season, so you basically can’t go wrong. I’ve paired it with a Merino Wool tunic which I have basically been living in for the past weeks.

I hope some of these December Essentials have inspired you with some new ways to keep warm. I know I’ve been having fun finding ways to bundle up after so many years of dressing for the tropics.

Have a great weekend and see you on the flip side.