Diamonds weren’t really something that I thought about much, but then this day happened. Playing dress up with Diamonds of Eden exposed me to the fact that wearing a bunch of carats of diamonds and rubies feels a hell of a lot different than a piece of cubic zirconia. The brand’s partner and designer also pointed out the fact that gemstones are not impacted by inflation like currency, so really it’s just an investment. Perfect.

Diamonds of Eden is a locally based company in Bangkok who make their own designs, but also do custom jewellery. The metal and stones are sourced by suppliers in the city and the pieces are made in their very own workshop by a few talented craftsmen. The entire process is transparent and they are more than happy to share photos of the moulding, casting, etc. It’s neat to see the process and attention to detail that goes into the final products we all see and love.

Like many of the brands in my fair fashion segments, being aware of who created our products and the care that went into making them adds a who new dimension to the affinity we have with the things that we buy. My time spent wearing Diamonds of Eden was a reminder of a conversation I had with the IOM X team, where they urged me to “buy something ethically made and to see how it makes you feel”. Yes, the diamonds feel amazing, but the story behind the makers feels good too.

In terms of accessorising, I buy a lot of “junk” (as my mum calls it). Although it seems cheap at the time, it has a tendency to add up pretty quickly. If you aren’t in the market for an engagement ring, the brand also makes silver options, as well as those currently trending, dainty and stackable rings & pendants. Depending on your choice of metals and stones, it is possible to get a piece for THB 3-6K. I don’t normally bring up money on APOE, but I just wanted to shine light upon the fact that it is possible to get a quality item that lasts a lifetime without spending thousands of dollars. My day with Diamonds of Eden taught me that spending a little bit more up front, to get something that is ethically made which you will love forever makes far more sense than a cheap jewellery binge at the shopping mall.

The passion and knowledge for fine jewellery that is exuded by Diamonds of Eden is infectious. The fact that they can bring any design to life will awaken your creative side and you just might end up with a unique accessory that will last a lifetime. Although I’m not ready for any big investment, I have been dreaming up a whole array of silver items all week.

Photos by Ivana Kojic

Jewellery: Diamonds of Eden – Tunic: Zara – PJ Top: ÉLISE

Culottes: Beginning Boutique – Shoes: Louboutin

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