We all know that I love to combine style and comfort (hence the ÉLISE silk pajamas), so a brand like ECCO fits into my life perfectly. Through a combination of quality manufacturing, emphasis on wearability and simplicity in style, ECCO creates shoes that you can quite literally live in. With its birthplace and headquarters in Denmark, ECCO encompasses the elegant simplicity and timeless allure that is “Scandinavian Style”. The simple beauty of the Scandinavian aesthetic is so easy to wear that I’ve virtually been wearing these silver sneakers and small white cross-body on repeat since I got them. To top if off, I’ve received so many compliments while bouncing around the city in my silver ECCO Soft 8 sneakers!

As part of ECCO’s first North American flagship launch, my friend Chloe Sugar and I partnered with them as store opening ambassadors. We were really excited because not only were we going to get to make an #ecco3Dselfie (more on that below), but for the first time we could get to see the entire ECCO shoes and bags collection in real life in a beautiful space.

Making an #ecco3Dselfie AKA “Mini Me”!

For their flagship launch, ECCO partnered with Selftraits to set up a 3D Printed Selfie booth outside their new store in Yorkdale Mall. Because most people weren’t sure what a 3D printed selfie was (I sure didn’t), we went to the Selftraits Studio ahead of time to make some selfies, as well as a little video to show you what it’s all about.

Essentially, you pose in a giant white globe with about 130 d-slr cameras all around you. All cameras take a photo at the same time which captures you from every angle. You can try several poses because each one only takes a second. After that, you review your poses on the computer, pick your fave and then it gets 3D printed into a sandstone figurine. It’s a straight up futuristic situation that is all kinds of fun. Chloe and I had a the best time planning our poses, stepping into this space-age globe and seeing our figurines come to life. The 3D printing is so accurate that it even captured some of the print on my phone case and the tattoo on Chloe’s neck. We now have Mini Me’s and we are SO excited about it.

To make our #ecco3Dselfies, I wore the Soft 8 Sneakers in Silver with their Isan Small Crossbody in White . Chloe wore the Soft 8 Strap Sneakers in White with an ECCO white leather backpack. It’s safe to say that we’ve been rocking them over and over again never since.

The #ecco3Dselfie video!

The ECCO Flagship at Yorkdale Mall

The ECCO grand opening event was scheduled to start at 6 PM, so we arrived at 6:01 PM exactly to beat the crowds for some photos. We were surprised to find that the store was already packed, so I guess we weren’t the only ones excited. With our #ecco3Dselfies in hand, Chloe an I embarked into a sneaker and sandal heaven filled with sparkling wine, good music and a few celebrities (Shawn Hook!!).

As mentioned above, the flagship store at Yorkdale Mall is the very first one in North America making it the only place locally where you can see the entire collection in person. I was already in love every edition of the SOFT collection, but then I saw the F/W 2017 colours and became utterly obsessed. Matte black leather high tops!!! Patent black slides! Can’t even!

Outside the store was ECCO’s very own 3D printed selfie booth were guests could pose for an #ecco3Dselfie of their very own! I may have made one kissing with Ian (lol) and another one looking like a twin from “The Shining” with Chloe. We also fed our selfies snacks, champagne and even carried them around poking out of Chloe’s backpack. Way too fun.

The #ecco3Dselfie booth will remain set up outside the ECCO store at Yorkdale Mall until June 30th where figurines will be complimentary with ECCO purchase of $250 of more, or at the special event price of $70 without purchase.

Event photography by George Pimentel.


All in all, this partnership has rendered me obsessed with ECCO shoes. I already loved them beforehand, but having been through this experience with them, meeting the team and learning further about the brand has me literally head over heels. For example, the brand owns and manages every step of their manufacturing process and they are one of the five biggest producers of quality leather in world! How cool is that? This is why their shoes are made perfectly; they have complete control from start to finish and focus on quality always. Each stitch is perfect and I don’t know if I’ve felt softer leather!

l can’t wait to curate a collection of ECCO shoes and bags that will become a part of my world. Thanks for being so great and making my #ootd’s look so awesome, ECCO!

This post was created in partnership with ECCO. Although it was sponsored, all opinions are my own.