I’ve been fortunate to connect with many local brands over the past few months and I’m excited to add Elate Cosmetics to that list. As you know, I recently made the switch to green skincare with The Green Kiss and I’ve been working on transitioning my makeup routine since then too. With this in mind, it was perfect timing when the founder of Elate Cosmetics, Melodie, reached out to chat about her brand and a potential partnership.

As someone with big dreams that I am determined to pursue, I love meeting others with similar goals, whom I can learn from and turn to for inspiration. Melodie is one of these women. The passion she feels for Elate can be experienced in the way that Melodie describes her company’s values and objectives. When talking about something brings you tears of joy, you know should be proud of it. This is how Melodie feels about what she’s created.

This year’s autumn collection launched with a campaign titled “Be Your Own Idol”. In an industry often shamed for it’s negative impact on self-esteem, I love Elate’s unique approach to marketing their cosmetics. As opposed to the traditional makeup industry message of the ideal beauty, the brand chooses to focus on how their products can be used as a tool of creativity. In a way that is quite similar to how I feel about clothing, Elate highlights how their products can be used as a means to bring what’s on the inside out.

This season’s collection was inspired by the full makeup face of the 80s; when playing up the eyes, lips and cheeks to total excess was the norm. The Idol Collection consists of a copper tone lipstick, deep red gloss, purple liquid liner, pretty pink blush and lucent highlight stick, so you can channel a full on Cyndi Lopper look if you feel so inclined. For the campaign launch, each Elate makeup artist was challenged to pay homage to their 80s idol by creating a look inspired by that individual; the artists created a modern day Prince, Brigitte Bardot, Stevie Nicks and even Gwen Stefani. You can see them all here.

Both Madonna and Boy George came to mind as my idols from the 80s. Although dressing in drag has my seal of approval (here is a prime example), I decided to stick with something a little more minimal and went for a Madonna inspired pink blush and bright lip. Along with my 80s makeup aesthetic, I channeled my own variation of Madonna’s strong power poses and tough attitude. What we created were a series of images that were totally me, but with a little Material Girl twist.

Who is your 80s idol? Let me know in the comments!

Makeup: Elate Cosmetics

Hair: Renée Lalonde

Clothing: Folk Apparel

Photography: Karen McNeil

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