This past weekend was fashion week and it was both amazing and exhausting. I skipped the last show on each day because I was simply too tired, but then I would get home and lie in bed unable to sleep because my mind was spinning from all the wonderful fashion. It was all a bit surreal.

I lurked around outside between the shows acting like paparazzi. Although I don’t know the names of half the Thai celebs, I saw many of them later on in the insta feed with about 2.6 million followers. HOLY. I had quite a few funny interactions from nice girls who didn’t understand why I was taking photos of them, given that I probably didn’t know who they were, since I was maybe one of two blonde people present.

Once the sun was set and I couldn’t take photos (I don’t own a flash) I would head home to relax between shows. Given that I now live right in Chidlom, my apartment was literally next door to the venue! How convenient is that?

A big part of what I love about fashion week is getting to be a bit edgy. Dressing girly just doesn’t really fly. Instead, it’s all about wearing something different and a little badass. You will definitely see a lot of unique in the upcoming photos.

In regards to myself, I was different in another way. I have this thing where I like to be completely underdressed when everyone else is overdressed. This mentality is probably to counteract those snobbish fashion week people who are all trying to be the coolest/richest/most important people there…so basically I rocked chucks and 100% silk drape-y outfits for most of the shows. Not to mention it was hot as hell, so comfort was definitely key. I’m not sure how those celebs do it, with their TV makeup on and not sweating at all? Impressive!

I saw all kinds of amazing designers. Although I forgot my camera for some of it, I have photographs of Thai designers such as Vickteerut, ASAVA, ANCHAVIKA, VATANIKA & Fri27Nov, as well as a curated selection of International designers for the “Central Visions of Style” show including: Maje, Sandro and Vivienne Tam to name a few. I hope you like it!


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