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Cardigan: Eris & Thread – Jeans: Cheap Monday – Top: Brandy Melville – Scarf: Zara

Shoes: Chloé – Bag: Otra-Parte – Glasses: Derek Lam vic Clearly Contacts

It’s almost Christmas! Yipee. Have you done all your shopping? If not, check the links on my blog because I get commission! lols. I’m totally kidding, but I do need to pay the bills, so if you’re shopping online from stores such as Banana Republic, Net-a-porter, Nordstrom, Shopbop, I would love it you did it through APOE. I know that this is a subject that most bloggers don’t really talk about, but we all know those banners are advertising, so we might as well be transparent about it.

I didn’t put any advertising on the blog until recently because I was really trying to avoid it. However, the more blogging I do, the more I realize that platforms such as this really do have an influence. So often when I meet people who read APOE, they also mention that they make purchase decisions based upon what they’ve seen/read about and that is really, really exciting. You may not realize this, but it can take between 6-8 hours to create a high quality blog post and if someone does decide to buy something based upon what they’ve seen, isn’t it fair if I get a little something back from the brand that made it?

Some of you may be thinking I’m officially a sell-out, but I really don’t see it like that. The fact that I’ve incorporated advertising into my blog doesn’t really change the authenticity of my content because I am choosing who to advertise. Given that e-commerce is such a powerful tool, pretty much every brand in the world has online advertising of some sort; this gives me the power to sit back and look at who I really love and want to support. If the power to choose who to advertise is all in my hands then isn’t it still genuine content? I hope you know that I would never put something on this blog that I didn’t support and that if you see a Shopbop banner on the sidebar it’s because I think that Shopbop kicks butt! I’ve also got your back when it comes to good sales, which you may sometimes see an advertisement for too because at the end of the day, we all need to know about the sales.

Anyways, this is just how I see it all. If you think differently then I would love to hear about it. Please let me know in the comments.

In the meantime, If I look like I’m in pain in these photos, it’s due to the fact that it is officially freezing out. Although my Eris & Thread cardigan is very cozy, it is more of a parka temperature outside these days. Good cardigans can be a tricky one to find. In my experience they’re always too grandpa-ish or just not comfortable, but The Planner Cardigan from Eris & Thread is pretty perfect.