I have always had trouble understanding the world’s obsession with streetwear. The thought of lining up for days to get the latest Supreme t-shirt just sounds tiring to me. Plus, I’m not nearly organized enough to remember to be on a brand’s website within two seconds of product launch to grab some sneakers before they sell out. It also just seems a bit boring. I guess I like the idea of having fun with fashion more than being the cool kid.

Nevertheless, I became completely obsessed when Rihanna (or her minions) came up with the burgundy velvet creepers in her latest FENTY X PUMA collaboration. They were just too good! I missed the online product launch by about two days (typical), so ordering them wasn’t an option. I ended up getting gifted some after a whole lot of complaining in real life and on social media about how I didn’t have them. Lucky me!

The FENTY sneakers were so limited that retailers in many American cities were hosting raffles where the winners could buy the shoes. Crazy, right? Talk about scarcity causing demand!

As a means of entertainment, I have gathered some of the “coolest” and most expensive streetwear items on the internet. How do we feel about this $1,780 LEVIS X Vetements jean jacket or this $740 big white t-shirt?

I just don’t really understand what’s so cool. What am I missing? I would love your opionion, so please let me know in the comments. After all, I did fall in love with FENTY, so maybe I will love Vetements one day soon too? Emphasis on the maybe.


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Photography by Alana Kumar.

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