Welcome to a brand new blog series! I’ve seen the “Five Things” concept rolling around on the internet for quite awhile and I’ve realized that it’s actually one of my favourite things to read! I love the simplicity of it, the diversity in “things” (it doesn’t even have to be a physical thing) and the fact that it’s a post of pure positivity. In this series, I am going to share five things that I’m currently loving. Hopefully on a weekly basis….maybe bi-weekly? I’ll do an IG poll. Anyways, here it goes!

  1. These rose gold glasses from Clearly. I had never even thought of rose gold glasses as a thing, but they surprised me with these frames and I’ve been wearing them 24/7 ever since.
  2. Afternoon coffees. There’s nothing better than a warm drink in the winter. I’ve been trying to take some time in the middle of the day to not think about all the things that need to be done. I love doing this over a midday latte.
  3. The XO rings from Keltie Leanne in the above photo. As a Vancouver based company, these rings represent a little hug and kiss from home. She is always making beautiful things!
  4. This Henri Bendel backpack. By the time I get my parka, hat, gigantic mittens and scarf on to go out the door, the last thing I want to do is carry a purse too. I’ve been using this backpack 24/7 because it’s adorable and oh-so-convenient. You know I love me some Bendel.
  5. Essie Gel Couture nail polish. The best thing I’ve discovered for at-home polishing. It doesn’t require a light, but dries within fifteen minutes (no waking up with smudges when you put it on at night) and lasts five days on me before it chips! I’m super hard on my nails, but I’ve been told by friends that it lasts ten days on them! Epic!

Hope you enjoyed Five Things #1!