There’s an entire skincare line infused with gold!!! I’ve seen the odd cream or mask boasting gold on the bottle, but an entire skincare collection of the precious metal is seriously next level. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you will know that skincare is my jam when it comes to anything beauty related, so I had to give Orogold’s 24K Gold Nano Collection a try when the opportunity presented itself.

After reading a few dermatological studies about the benefits of gold in skincare, I learned that leveraging the benefits of gold for our skin isn’t new to the world, it’s just new to North America. Not only is gold infused skincare used widely in both Japan and Korea, but there is also evidence of it in Roman times, as well as in ancient Egypt. How cool is that? I mean, we kind of look like mummies when we wear face masks anyways.

I also learned that gold is considered an anti-aging ingredient because it has been found to slow the depletion of collagen. It has also more notably been found to decrease inflammation of the skin in the form of acne and hyper-pigmentation. So, although I have several skincare products that I already love, I decided to use Orogold exclusively for two weeks to get a better grasp of what it’s all about.

For this 14 day period, I cleansed my skin at night as usual and then applied the 24K Nano Ultra Silk Serum followed by the 24K Nano Night Recovery. The Night Recovery is literally filled with flakes of gold, making it potentially the most luxurious thing that will ever touch my face. The Silk Serum is made without water, so the texture is wonderfully unique and the name is perfect in that it leaves my skin feeling like silk (and we all know I love silk).

In the mornings I would wake and splash my face with water. I would then apply the Silk Serum again because we can never have enough silk, right? I would follow with the 24K Nano Day Recovery which I actually found to be more hydrating than the Night Recovery, making it an ideal moisturizer for winter.

In addition, I used the 24K Nano Hydra Silk Mask three times a week, which is probably seriously overkill, but it just felt so nice. The mask is put on the face as a cream and then left for fifteen minutes. When the time is up, you begin to rub the mask into your skin and watch as it virtually changes from a cream to a liquid as it’s absorbed by your body; it’s some serious Harry Potter magic.

All in all, after two weeks of straight up filling my face with gold, my skin was less inflamed than ever. I’ve always had a lot of redness in my skin and hyper-pigmentation around my nose and mouth, so having soothed and even skin was pretty special. As someone who is sensitive to perfumes, I found the scents of these products a bit strong, but sometime the benefits can make us ignore such details. I would also recommend inquiring about different collections within the Orogold line for acne prone skin as the 24K Nano Collection is extremely hydrating.

All in all, it was an exciting skincare adventure that significantly reduced the inflammation and redness of my skin. I will be working these products into my skincare routine alongside my other favourites. I would also recommend 24K Nano Hydra Silk Mask as a great holiday gift item!

Many thanks for Orogold and Shopping Links for partnering on this post. Although this post is sponsored by Orogold, all opinions are my own.

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