Pajamas: ÉLISE – Pearls: C+C Lifestyles – Boots: Meraki

All Natural Makeup by The Green Kiss

Guys, I think found my pajama heaven. I was lucky enough to get to experience the newly renovated rooms at The Fairmont Empress and really, really enjoyed my stay (seriously though…like a fat kid in a candy shop). With the perfect balance between contemporary and classic, the room’s aesthetic is similar to that of ÉLISE in that it combines modern elements with something that is timeless.

The tailored silk pajama has been around since long before Coco and although the basic skeleton of the garment has remained largely the same, by adjusting the fit, drape and weight of the silk, we can create something as modern as the (perhaps questionable) Chanel Lait de Coco. It’s safe to say that I spent the entire time in pajamas.