Seeing the nasty cuts on top of my feet in these photos has me thinking that I should talk about fashion and footwear. I would like to say that those particular blisters came from some crazy stilettos, but Birkenstocks are actually to blame. How pathetic is that? According to my Dr. Mother, I have a disorder that results in having very sensitive skin to blisters, but I can’t actually remember what it’s called. Oh and my mum might have been kidding when she said that.

If you are like me, meaning that any pair of shoes can be torture aside from sneakers (and sometimes even then), putting on anything but your Havaianas can be pretty painful. How did Havaianas get so comfortable?

In order to relieve some of the discomfort that we all feel, I have compiled a list of all the heel hacks I can think of. Hope they help!

1. Walk heel to toe.

Wearing heels isn’t like flats, so you don’t put your whole foot down at once. Instead, your heel goes down first, followed by your toes. Not only will this make life a whole lot easier on your legs, it will keep you from looking like a chicken.

2. Shoes with a strap.

Wearing anything with a strap across the front or around your ankle will give you added support. It will also relieve some of the tension on the balls of your feet allowing you to feel comfortable longer. It also reduces the risk of those hilarious red carpet tumbles that we all love watching on YouTube.

3. Chunky heels. 

It just makes life so much easier.

4. Sandpaper the bottom.

You can also purchase special stickers to place on the soles of your shoes. This will increase traction and reduce slippage allowing you to rely a little bit less on your muscles to control your stability.

5. Take small and slow steps.

Given that you will be walking with your toes down first, it is much easier on the body to take smaller steps. It’s simple geometry or whatever, right?

6. Blister sticks.

This is something my mum taught me that is a total game changer. Band-Aid, as well as many other brands make them and it looks like you’re putting mini deodorant on your feet. They really do work, but make sure to apply it as soon as you feel rubbing and not once the blister has already formed.

7. Toe Tape.

This is a relatively new one to me, but it’s something everyone should know. There is a nerve between your third and fourth toe that causes some of the pain in the balls of your feet. By taping your third and fourth toes together, you can relieve some of the pressure on this nerve. Give it a try and thank me later.

8. Foot cushions.

Yes, this is pretty obvious, but it’s amazing how many people (including myself) don’t always take advantage of them.

Well, there you go. If your shoes are still killing you after doing all these things, then I would suggest some Converse. At the end of the day, Converse look good with everything.

If you have your own tips to add, please leave them in the comments!

PS. This is my new fave jumper from The Kooples. I think I will be wearing it all winter!


Jumper: The Kooples – Skirt & Shoes: Zara (old) – Necklace: Thai Market

Bag: Ralph Lauren (old) – Watch: TW Steel

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