With just over 2 weeks until Christmas, we’re getting down to crunch time for online shopping. If you are like me and haven’t even started your Christmas shopping, then this post might help you out.

Before I get into the actual gift guide, I’m going to do some shameless self promoting and say that my É L I S E silk pajamas make really good gifts. Because really, they do. Plus, they come in a super pretty unbranded box, so you don’t even need to wrap them and they can sit right under the tree and remain a surprise until Christmas.

In terms of the guide, I have scoured the internet for a bunch of great holiday gift ideas, some reasonably priced and others the stuff of dreams. I’ve divided the gifts into categories based upon use and who they might appeal to.

Click through on any of the products below to shop them online. The arrows to the fight of each list will bring up more products. Happy shopping!

Gifts Under $50 

The Dream List

Casual Girls


The Fitness Buff



For Him