This is my uniform for getting stuff done. I’m not really into running errands, so I usually let them pile up until there’s a million things to do and it takes all day. This is what I wear when those days happen. It’s not necessarily that fun, but the process can be a lot more enjoyable if you get a good night’s sleep, put on something cool and grab a really big coffee.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Jeans. Although you might want to gravitate towards sweatpants or joggers, you will feel more put together if you step it up in the pants department. These particular Paige jeans are super comfy.
  2. Wool coat. It’s not quite parka season yet, so a nicely structured wool coat will keep you warm and looking pretty cool at the same time.
  3. Utility boots. I have been living in these patent leather boots from GEOX. They have breathable soles, so they’re both warm and comfortable. Plus, they’re the coolest shade of dark purple!
  4. Scarf. I love my McQueen scarf (well, it’s actually Ian’s). It makes me feel instantly cool and helps if I get chilly too.
  5. Ball cap. This Tilley tec-wool ball cap is so warm for winter and means you don’t have to do your hair. Bonus.
  6. Big sunglasses. Nothing says celebrity in disguise likes these big sunnies from Clearly.
  7. Starbucks. Venti sized because that’s what Mary-Kate & Ashley always carry and they’re the coolest of the cool. I can’t actually drink a venti coffee, so in this case it’s hot chocoalate.
  8. Watch. Regardless of what you’re wearing, a watch shows responsibility. This one is the Tissot Swissmatic and it’s automatic!
  9. Cool bag. Cause really, you always need a cool bag. This one is MLouye.

This is what I gravitate towards for running around town. What about you? Let me know in the comments!