You know me and my ever evolving, gadget filled, self-care routine. I’ve blogged a lot of beauty/hygiene tools on APOE. It started with my Sonicaire toothbrush obsession, then Clarisonic for cleansing my face, then I got the Clarisonic body brush, a facial dry brush, the wet hair brush and now I’ve discovered yet another brush to add to my daily routine. Cue tongue brushing with TUNG brush.

I know, it sounds pretty weird and I honestly wasn’t that convinced either, but then I started using it and got really, really into it. I’m not sure if any of you have tried the transition from a manual toothbrush or regular electric toothbrush to a Sonicaire? If you have, you will know that there’s this almost surreal experience in which you feel 2384398 more clean than before and you’d spent your whole life thinking your had teeth felt clean. Well, I experienced something similar when I started using TUNG brush. It’s addicting.

Then I learned that 90% of bad breath comes from gases produced by bacteria on the surface of the tongue (ew) and I have been obsessively cleaning my tongue ever since. There’s something about that piece of knowledge that really threw me off. Mouthwash and tongue scrapers don’t work because your tongue is covered in little crevices that those devices can’t penetrate like the stiff bristles of the TUNG brush can.

The scientific term for “bad breath” is Halitosis. It is often worst in the morning when your tongue has had all night to sit and release sulphur gas from the bacteria on your tongue. I mean, I knew bad breath was nasty, but learning the science of it got me using my TUNG brush every time I brush my teeth. It only takes about ten seconds and the flat shape of the brush means you can comfortably get right to the back of your mouth (where most of the bacteria lies). Try it for yourself and see how fresh your mouth is in the morning! 

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