So we all know that I’m obsessed with silk. I would live in it if I could (hence the pajama brand). Nothing drapes as beautifully as a silk shirt, dress or trouser, or feels as soft against the skin. I know I sound a bit crazy, but I’m slowly converting everyone that is close to me, as well as all those ÉLISE shoppers out there too.

The main issue that those around me seem to have with silk is that they can’t throw it in the washing machine. We don’t want to spend money on dry cleaning, we don’t have the time to take it to the shop and the chemicals aren’t good for us or the environment. I get it. I don’t want to deal with that either, so I wanted to share a neat product with you guys that I recently discovered.

I have always been an advocate of washing silk with water. With the right detergent, I have come to the conclusion that washing at home can actually be gentler on your silks than the dry cleaner, so I wanted to share The Laundress with you.

I discovered this brand recently at a media preview and seriously fell in love. I had been using an alternative for years that was terribly hard to find and frankly wasn’t very cool to look at (we all know I love branding), so I fell in love when I discovered The Laundress. I mean, it looks like Jo Malone and lets me save money on dry cleaning!

Their Delicate Wash Detergent is nontoxic and biodegradable, so good for both you and the environment and is easy to use at home. Simply pop a capful into a tub of cool water, add your silks, let them sit for about thirty minutes, give them a swish and rinse and hang or lay flat to dry. I don’t suggest wringing out your silks, so wrapping them in a towel is my favourite way to rid them of extra water. Once dry, steam to remove wrinkles. Your silk will be wonderfully clean and as beautiful as ever!

Although I can’t advocate for all silk products, I wash my thicker silks (such as my pajamas) in the machine using The Laundress Delicate Wash Detergent. It is best to do this with a newer machine that allows you to control heat and spin (I use cold water and low spin). Simply pop your silk items into a garment bag, add a capful of The Laundress and start the machine on gentle. To keep your silk in prime condition, I will also put my machine on rinse mode before doing this to ensure that residual detergent from previous washes is not still present in the basin.

All in all, caring for your silk doesn’t have to be tricky. If you have lots of silk clothing like I do, you can simply hold off until you have a full load of laundry and then go a gentle load as I described above. For a single item, it only takes about five minutes to fill a tub with water, add The Laundress Gentle Wash Detergent and let sit. No excuses guys. We all need more silk in our lives!

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Photography by Kevin Moody.