I only really have four fashion idols: I love Mary Kate & Ashley (they kind of count as one?), Olivia Palermo, Nicole Richie (after the Paris Hilton BFF phase) and finally, Miroslava Duma, the fashion and tech guru behind Buro 24/7. Mira’s style is a bit like no one else out there and she somehow manages to look chic right up until the day she gives birth to yet another child. For the past year or so she has been consistently wearing an assortment of black baseball caps that say either google (she is a tech guru after all) or Tupac across the front and styling them in way that could literally be considered “fashion” in each and every setting. It’s actually quite magical how she can take an item of clothing that is frankly quite lame and make it look so cool.

I started talking about wearing baseball caps with Ian around the beginning of festival season because I wanted some kind of hat that would cover my obnoxiously pale head without a big brim that would get in the way amidst the crowds. He was not impressed with this idea at all. The conversation went something like this, “there is only one situation in which it’s appropriate to wear a baseball cap and that’s at a baseball game”. Lols. Anyways, it only took about five minutes of showing him @Miraduma on Instagram to convince him that the accessory would be chic, it just depends how you style it.

After a few trips to H&M, Zara and Forever 21 looking for the perfect baseball cap, we noticed that fabrics such as suede and leather were the current cap trend, but that buying one of these caps that was made to be currently cool just seemed a bit basic. If you’re going to rock the baseball cap, I think you should just go full Mira and wear one from a fun brand that you support but isn’t necessarily fashion. Choose something you like, get their monogrammed baseball cap (every company has one) and then rock it. It’s the looking like you aren’t trying hard that makes it so cool.

The timing seemed almost too good to be true because I got a package from Meiomi Wines literally the next day with this epic white monogrammed WINE baseball cap in it. I literally jumped up and down because if there’s one thing I should have on my cap, it’s a glass of wine. The baseball cap of my dreams had arrived, now it was time to style it.

For starters, caps look cooler with sunglasses. I don’t know why, but that’s just the way it is. Try wearing it low on your face like you’re hiding from the paparazzi. Hair tied back if it”s short like mine, or split it in two and draped over each shoulder if it’s long like Mira’s. Try styling it with something super out there on the bottom. In this case I went for both a tuxedo jacket and floral pants because the sneakers and cap are so casual.

Are you into baseball caps like I am? If yes, how would you style it?