Is anyone else obsessed with wearing blazers as shirts? This is one of my favourite dinner/date/party/night-out looks and I’m convinced it’s one of the coolest outfits there is (that’s just my opinion though). I got this Tuxedo style blazer from Zara on clearance the other week to add to my ever growing collection of jackets. I don’t have much in the way of tops anymore, but I sort of like it like that… pajamas or blazers and nothing in between lol. I’m also loving the new Coach Bandit Bag; the hobo style is such a timeless classic making me feel all chic, but also a little bit country. Love!

We all know that I don’t really believe in fashion rules, but when it comes to blazers as shirts, the neckline is generally so low that rocking it with a trouser or jeans is the way to go. If you wanna wear a skirt then wear a shirt; it’s all about balancing the scandalousness. Yes, I’ve deemed that a word.

I’m linking some of my favourite blazers below! What are your faves? Let me know in the comments!