One of the many great things about Bangkok are the pools. I couldn’t even begin to count the number of jaw dropping pools I have seen in this city. Whether you want a rooftop, a pool bar, a pool party, an infinity pool, a water slide, a cabana, or a simulated surfing machine – basically any pool you can think of is in Bangkok. For this reason, I need a hell of a lot of bikinis.
Yet, I barely own any.

The reason I own limited swimwear is mostly attributable to the fact that the thought of wearing bikinis makes me shudder. I’m basically naked and I can never seem to do enough squats. Therefore, I always wear my favorite Seafolly bikini bought for me by my momma. It’s the most flattering few inches of lycra I have ever owned. Thank you mum.

However, about a year ago there was an evolution in swimwear that does the body comfort factor a huge favor; not to mention it’s insurmountably cool. Unfortunately, at the time all I saw was the awesome and missed out on the actual benefit of it. Therefore, I pretty quickly moved on and forgot about it.

But with the weather improving, it’s back again this season and it’s bigger than e-v-e-r. The trend I’m talking about is Neoprene. Yes, wetsuits. But don’t worry, they’re in tiny enough pieces you won’t get any tan lines. This innovation in bikini technology, if you could call it that, has become so popular that the current bestselling swimwear brands are selling nothing but neoprene. I mean, what is lycra anyways?

The great thing about Neoprene is the way it fits – it’s seamless. Due to the structure of the Neoprene material, there is no need to add elastic at the edges or to finish it with a seam. Its similar to those Lasenza invisible panties where they cut the fabric and that’s that. Does that make sense? The added benefit of this method is that the fabric molds to the shape of your body. Not only does this create a fit that is perfect, it is unbelievably comfortable. To top it off, it doesn’t move.

Now I’m not sure if my description accurately describes what it feels like to wear a Neoprene bikini. But trust me, its good. You can flip, flop, twirl or do whatever crazy mermaid things come to mind and your bikini stays in place. No wedgie, EVER.

The best part of all is just how amazing the pieces can be from a creative standpoint. Given that Neoprene is extremely structured, it gives designers a much broader frame of opportunity to create totally original, never before seen swimwear designs. You will notice that most of the bikinis give off a completely futuristic vibe and that’s because they ARE the future baby!

Heads up Bangkok, I have been seeing Neoprene appear in the markets – score. Also, H&M.

Now, I would like to introduce you to the gods of Neoprene. It probably won’t surprise you that they’re mostly Australian labels given that they win at beaches and the perfect tan. However, they also win at having the highest skin cancer rates in the world. With that being said, please wear your sunscreen, Neoprene can’t help you there.