These photos literally involved climbing out the fire escape of a Chinatown loft and getting Ian to jump across to the roof of the next building, so that he could take photos looking back at me. It was rather precarious and didn’t leave much room for camera angles, but on the plus side we managed to take outfit photos without actually leaving the apartment!

Although shopping in Victoria is quite limited, I still have a few boutiques that always give me a wonderful experience. Bernstein & Gold always has amazing pieces for me to lust after, Reunion is great for essentials, and Meraki has one of the best shopping environments in the city. Be sure to check them out the next time you’re in town.

Top: Γ‰LISE – Jacket: LINE via Bernstein & Gold – Jeans: Cheap Monday via Reunion

Boots: Yosi Samra via Meraki – Sunglasses: Bailey Nelson – Necklace: Monica Vinader