I’ve always been a little bit lazy with my hair and beauty game, but lately I’ve been trying to up my standards a bit. Although I really do believe in being comfortable with yourself and that makeup is unnecessary on a daily basis, it is also very fun to glam it up from time to time.

As I experiment more and more with makeup, I have developed a relationship with it in a way that doesn’t really have much to do with making myself look different or more “pretty”. Instead, I have realised that it can be another form of creative expression and can even act as an extension of what I am choosing to wear that day. If I’m feeling “vampy” and wearing all black, then I will probably end up with a smokey eye and dark lip. My friend had a Wong Kar Wai theme birthday this past weekend, so I added a cat-eye and red lipstick (and wore my silk pyjamas, duh!). If I’m wearing all white like I am in these photos, then adding some pinks will help accentuate the overall effect of the outfit. In case you haven’t already noticed, a bit more makeup has been appearing in my posts. I am also trying to do my hair too, so it’s getting pretty serious guys.

When I was presented with the opportunity to team up with Luxola to help launch The Sephora Collection as the only online channel in Thailand at the moment, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to talk about my new hobby of putting on makeup. The whole subject of “beauty” has been one that I have tried not to touch upon, given that it all feels just a little bit too superficial for me. After all, APOE is about making people smile and not about inspiring you to look different. However, I am slowly realising that makeup doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, it can act as another one of those creative outlets that us artistic people tend to crave. I once loved painting, so why not paint on my face? Ok, so that’s a little bit drastic, but wearing a lipstick that matches my environment or mood doesn’t have to mean I am uncomfortable in my own skin, right? What do you guys think? Please let me know in the comments.

With all this in my mind, I decided I wanted to touch upon the process of getting ready for my very first beauty post. After all, getting ready to go out with a few friends around is actually my favourite part about going out. I always put on some good music, make a coffee (or cocktail) and start to channel my creative vibes to decide what kind of outfit aura I want to portray that day. Does that make me sound crazy? Oh and I also always, literally always, get ready wearing pajamas.

I was feeling pretty angelic with the mixture of the white silk and diffused lighting coming through my window, so I figured I would channel my inner angel for this post with Luxola. Please follow along as we load up on lots of pinks and sparkles.

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to catch the final look!


Step 1: Line the top and bottom of your eyes outside the water line. Try not to fill in the water line (it’s hard, I know) or add a wing because we are going for big round angel eyes!

I used Sephora Collection Long Lasting Khol in black.


Step 2: Sweep a pearl shadow over the lid and up to the eyebrow. With a darker golden tone, cover lid until just above the eye crease. Add the shadow in the circular shape to match the shape of your eye. Do not add an extra wing – this is especially important if you have a hooded eye like myself. This emphasis on “round” will help bring the look from sultry to dreamy.

I used Sephora Collection Colourful 5 Eyeshadow Palette in “milk to dark chocolate”.

DSC_8837Luxola - A Piece of Elise

Step 3. Curl your lashes well to open up your eyes. Then add mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

I used Sephora Collection Outrageous Volumizing Mascara in black.


Step 4. Using a brush, dust a peach tone blush over your cheek bones, only going as far in as the outer corner of your eye. Not blending into the middle is important to ensure you don’t end up looking like a doll! We’re going for angel, not weird porcelain thing.

I used Sephora Collection Colourful Blush in “can’t stop smiling”.

DSC_8893 DSC_8901 DSC_8852

Step 5. Time to add lip colour! Using a nude lip stain with brown undertones will add a sophisticated edge to an otherwise very girly look.

I used Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in “rosebud”.

DSC_8948 DSC_8955 DSC_8643

Voila! We now have “Angel Face” a la Elise.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can shop The Sephora Collection on Luxola here. Don’t forget to show me your best Angel Face on snapchat afterwards at ‘apiecefoelise’.

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**code is valid until November 30th 2015. 

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Silk Pajamas: É L I S E

Photos by: Fashion House

DSC_9059 DSC_9096