There’s a new kid in town and her (his?) name is Ly Seven. This Toronto based brand just launched within the past week and somehow they’ve done everything perfectly right off the bat. I wore this outfit to Toronto Men’s Fashion Week and everyone was asking about this shirt, but the website wasn’t up yet, so all I could say was “stay tuned”.

The good news is that the site is now live and everything is perfect. This oversized shirt is technically for men, but looks seriously chic on women too. I had originally styled it with these joggers, only to find out that Ly Seven makes way cooler ones when the website went live (see them here). Then I saw their shoes and omg, I need them all.

I can’t speak enough to the quality of manufacturing (the fabrics, the seams and the cuts on this shirt are perfect) and their branding is on point. I’m seriously impressed and can’t wait to see more from Ly Seven.

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Shirt: Ly Seven – Shoes: Call It Spring – Glasses: Clearly – Bag: Issey Miyake