Taking the “I woke up like this” statement to another level with my newly microbladed eyebrows. I will admit that I did not wake up with the above smokey eye, but I have woken up with perfect eyebrows since the day I got them microbladed. I never really liked applying eyebrow makeup and always felt like penciled in brows just looked like penciled in brows, so I’m happy that I don’t have to look at an eyebrow pencil again for awhile.

Each lash is drawn on individually, so microblading looks natural. The technique is kind of like tattooing, but only lasts for a couple of years, so you don’t have to worry about being off trend if the skinny brow comes back (shudder).

I had my eyebrows done by Ashley at the newly opened Studio Kanti. She is a truly talented artist who will work with you to create something better than you could ever dream up yourself. The Studio Kanti space is beautiful, so it feels more like a spa visit than a tattoo-type one. If you’re in Victoria and thinking about getting some microblading, I would highly recommend visiting Studio Kanti on Fort St.

Pro Tips: Wash your hair before you go and get some dry shampoo. You won’t be able to get your brows wet for at least 4 days. I would also suggest not putting makeup on your forehead before going because it will be hard to wash that off (learned that the hard way). Also, don’t pluck or wax your brows for awhile before the appointment, so they can see exactly how your brows look naturally!

Yay to big brows!


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