The 2017 JUNO Awards was the trip of a lifetime. I hope you all had the chance to follow along on my Instagram stories; I’m pretty convinced they were some of the best of my life. I mean, Sarah McLachlan, Shawn Mendes and Alessia Cara all made an appearance!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend with more excitement packed into three days than ever before. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to experience Canada’s musical talent all coming together to celebrate the industry in our country. With Canadian icons like The Tragically Hip and Sarah McLachlan, alongside young stars like Mendes, resulted in a dynamic experience of various musical genres in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa.

The weekend was jam-packed with events. In addition to The ViaRail JUNO Express, which I’m convinced was the coolest thing ever, I also really enjoyed JUNOFest. Hosted at several venues across the city, JUNOFest showcased Canadian performers from all over the county, each one as talented as the next. Seriously though, my sister and I were blown away by every show we turned up to. There were a few nights where we forgot to be media because we were too busy dancing!

The following photos are some highlights from the trip. Be sure to go all the way to the bottom because there’s a video too!

The VIA Rail Juno Express

ViaRail organized a special train to take artists, industry members and media from Toronto to Ottawa just in time for JUNO week. We left from the city around nine am where things remained relatively tame until eleven when Jackson Triggs and Steamwhistle Brewing began serving drinks. At one point I had two beer, three sparkling wine, coffee and water on my table. I was definitely not complaining! The party went seriously next level when musicians took over the train cars with live performances. Some musical highlights included The Lytics and Neon Dreams whose songs I love. I never imagined that they would be sitting next to me playing live music on a train! Metro Ontario was also onboard where Nick Liu created a delicious dining experience. Check my YouTube video below to catch all the action!

Uncuffed Leather Outside The Parliament

Ottawa is a beautiful city with endless locations for outfit photos. In celebration of being in Canada’s capital and all the talented people in our country, I thought it fitting to wear as many local designers as possible during the festivities. This outfit features the beautiful Rose Leather Body Harness by Uncuffed Leather. All handmade in Toronto!

Our Room at Fairmont Chateau Laurier

To say our room was heavenly would be an understatement. With a dream view overlooking the parliament, as well as two bathrooms and two closets, I felt like a princess. The only thing that got me out of the cloud-like bed in the morning was the thought of the exciting day ahead. A big thank you to Fairmont for such a special stay.

Watching The JUNO Cup

This was about as Canadian as it gets. With musicians and retired NHL players shooting the puck around, I think it’s safe to say that it was a fairly patriotic evening.

LIVE on JUNO TV at The Awards Gala

My very first time on live TV with JUNO TV! I was super nervous, but Lana and Sam are professionals, so they made sure we got through all right. I’ve linked the interview below.

Wearing Shelli Oh to The Juno Awards Gala

I was so excited to be able to wear this Shelli Oh dress that I spotted on the runway at TWFW. Shelli is a talented Toronto based designer who had me feeling fabulous!

The Juno Awards Gala happens the night before the live broadcast of The Juno Awards on TV. As a means of saving time on the actual broadcast night, certain awards are given out at this dinner the night before. As opposed to the live show which is largely about media and the public, The Juno Awards Gala is really about the artists, their community and celebrating what they’ve accomplished. I think it’s neat that The Juno Awards hosts this special dinner for Canadian musicians!

The last photo in this series was from the media room where interviews occur with artists after they’ve won an award. It was so neat to see the excitement of the winners firsthand.


Wearing TMR Collection at the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat

We took a quick detour from the JUNO festivities to visit the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat. I brought Canadian label, TMR Collection, with me to wear because the long mesh jacket matched the architecture perfectly.

Getting JUNO Ready at SAAB Salon and Spa

SAAB Salon treated us so well during JUNO week. Nina Saab was an amazing host who I only spent a few hours with, but now I miss her. Along with getting my roots touched up and a powder blue shadow root, I also had the most epic JUNOS hairstyle ever! I felt like a rockstar.

The JUNO Awards Red Carpet

Having never been on a red carpet before, I had no idea what to expect. It turns out they’re actually super hectic! We didn’t managed to capture much content as there was so much going on around us, but it was an experience I will never forget. I kinda wish I was there when Shawn Mendes turned up to witness all the teenage girls screaming lol.

Live on JUNO TV Backstage

Back on JUNO TV for round two. I’ve linked the video below. This chat was short, but sweet. Thanks for having us back!

The Official JUNO Bloggers 

Our team of Official Juno Bloggers was the best! Thanks for making the trip so awesome, Daniel, Erin, Chloe and Karla. Can’t wait until our next adventure!

Wearing Joseph Tassoni to The Juno Awards

I waited all weekend to wear this outfit. To say that I am obsessed with Joseph Tassoni’s designs would probably be an understatement. I discovered the collection at TWFW and instantly fell in love. I remember gushing over the looks in my Instagram Stories never imagining that I would actually get the chance to wear them. Along with the full Joseph Tassoni look (the rings are his too), I was also wearing a clutch by another Canadian label, DUVAL.

Watching the Winner Interviews Backstage

Sarah McLachlan won The Lifetime Achievement Award and was in bare feet because she deemed her shoes uncomfortable (while holding a glass of wine). Basically, she’s my hero. Shawn Mendes made sure we all knew that there was nothing wrong with having a teenage girl fanbase. I mean, he is pretty darn cute.

One Final Outfit Shoot wearing Hilary Macmillan

Finally, after a exciting weekend we woke up extra early to shoot one last Canadian designer, Hilary Macmillan, outside the hotel in front of this amazing view. This dress is a beautiful printed velvet making it as comfortable as it is lovely.

The Video!

Here we go! Below are some highlights from the trip; mostly random footage that my sister shot along the way. I haven’t put together a video blog before, so I know it’s kind of amateur, but I still wanted to share it with you guys! Hope you like it.

Please follow my channel as I will be posting more videos soon! Yay!