We all know that I love a good jacket and trouser look, I’ve basically been sweating in them all summer. As much as it’s sad to see the warm weather end, I’m super excited for fall and wearing all of my favourite things comfortably.

One of my favourite trouser looks are vertical stripes. I find that it’s best to keep the fit relaxed with this print because the stripes look best when they can fall straight down the leg. I’m also not super into wearing a tapered trouser with matching jacket because it’s just a bit too “business” and not enough fashion, so something loose and cropped is the easiest way to look chic.

When it comes to jackets, I love shoulder pads (not super huge, just little ones). That may sound weird, but I promise it looks better, especially with my frame. I’m all about an oversized jacket look (like you stole it from your boyfriend or the men’s section of Value Village), but stick with a slightly more streamlined pant to balance it out.

I also love the juxtaposition of the backpack with the semi-professional looking pantsuit in this post. Add in the combination of stripes and leopard print and you have a super fun look. This backpack is the bigger version of one of my all time favourite bags (I’m sure you’ve seen it on here before), the Henri Bendel Jetsetter Backpack. This exact one isn’t out online yet, but I’m linking to the current selection of colours and styles here.

This exact pantsuit can be found here. I’m linking some of my other favourites for fall below!

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