We all know I love Clearly (there’s another blog post here), but the obsession reached a whole new level when I discovered their prescription sunglasses. As mentioned before, their selection of cool and reasonably priced glasses has given me the ability to own many pairs making them not just a necessity, but an accessory too. When they showed me that this same phenomenon could also be applied to prescription sunglasses (I don’t know why it took me so long to catch on), I discovered yet another new realm of fashionable possibilities.

As someone with extremely bad eyesight who can’t wear contacts comfortably, sunglasses weren’t really something I wore much of. Sure, if I knew I was spending the day at the beach I would suffer through the discomfort of contact lenses with a pair of sunglasses, but for those every day moments outdoors in the sun, I would generally just get my squint on. Talk about an early onset crows feet!

I got my first pair of prescription sunglasses from Clearly a few years ago and haven’t looked back since. I started with traditional brands (D&G, Raybans, etc.), but quickly realized that I love their in-house brands too. The Clearly “exclusives” prescription sunglasses frames are all under $100 making it possible to collect various colours and styles to complement your outfits for every occasion. At this point I literally have an eyewear wardrobe and love wearing my prescription sunglasses just as much as my regular glasses too.

Now that the sun is here, I’ve chosen my top three prescription sunglasses for summer to share with you. Each style is available in non-prescription if that’s what you need too! We’ve got the classic black cat-eye Kham Dhillon “Cinque Terre” when you want to be extra chic, the Calvin Klein double bar bridge to make a fashionable statement and the Love “Bridgitte” frames for a fun pop of colour.

Calvin Klein

The Kam Dhillon “Cinque Terre”

The Love “Bridgitte”