I’ve been here a few months now and I’m super stoked about my new life in Toronto, but I’m embarrassed to admit that my all-too-particular boyfriend and I are still searching for the perfect furniture additions to our condo (lol). If you have any recommendations, please send them my way! Because of the indecisiveness, our living area is pretty sparse, and I regularly have to dart out in search of more work-friendly or comfortable places where I can sit down and get all that computer work done. Luckily, Nescafé has opened up their take on the ideal cafe space just a few hundred metres from home. To top it off, my definition of the perfect spot is exactly the same as their’s because it’s virtually Instagram heaven (winning).

To access the cafe, Nescafé Sweet & Creamy packets are given away in three flavours outside: Original, Mocha, or my personal go-to, French Vanilla. These are the key to this little workspace paradise; you simply scan your sachet at the entrance to receive the code to enter. Once inside, you can make yourself a cup of coffee without waiting in line, and take your pick of the work spaces. Coffee, WiFi, power outlets, great furniture, and all for free make the Nescafé Coffee Taproom a caffeine lover’s dream.

I’ll be taking advantage of the couch that I wish was in my condo and more French Vanillas that my body can handle. Let me know if you see me because I will happily join you in a boomerang swinging in the chairs suspended from the second floor’s ceiling (blogger antics, I know).

The Nescafé Coffee Taproom can be found at 499 Queen St W and is open from  9am to 7pm every day from June 9 to July 12th. See you there!

Many thanks to Nescafé for partnering on this post. Although it was sponsored, all opinions are my own.