I have been wearing glasses since I was in grade four, so I honestly can’t remember what life was like without them. My prescription is very strong, so if I take off my glasses, I need help finding them again. I wear glasses from the moment I wake until I sleep at night, so they really are a big part of my life. It would be hard to survive day to day without them. For this reason, partnering with Clearly on their New Year, New Look campaign seemed like such a natural fit. If you’re like me, glasses really are necessary to #SeeClearly.

I started wearing contact lenses in Grade 7 and quickly made the decision to ditch my glasses completely. As a young teen obsessed with sports (skating, speed swimming and wakeboarding were my jam), glasses seemed like an inconvenience. I wore contact lenses all day, every day and often overnight for many years straight. I never thought about how this could harm my eyes because I was young and felt indestructible.

As I grew a bit older, I began to experience teenage acne. It honestly wasn’t that bad, but it seemed like the end of the world at the time. I ended up on Acutane and if you are unfamiliar with the drug, it basically stops oil production. Your acne clears up completely and your body’s lack of oil production means you don’t have to wash your hair either. Bonus! Unfortunately this also stopped the production of oil in my eyes and I soon lost the lipid layer on my eyeballs.

Through a combination of contact lense overuse and lack of lipid layer on my cornea, I soon found myself at the optometrist because I could no longer wear contacts and my eyes were relentlessly dry. The optometrist informed me that I wouldn’t be wearing contact lenses for a long time and that I would be using special oil formula eye drops almost every hour in an attempt to re-start my body’s lipid production. There I was, back to wearing glasses on the daily.

I grew into a young adult around the same time that Clearly was entering the market and virtually changing how we shop for glasses. The traditional optometrist retail setting was no longer the only option, since Clearly was selling glasses (and contacts lenses) online which cut costs astronomically making glasses far more accessible to the consumer. Suddenly I could afford to own several different pairs of glasses! I even got my first pair of prescription sunglasses. It was like a whole new realm of accessorizing! I’m not being dramatic when I say that Clearly literally changed my relationship with glasses from a necessary nuisance to a fun expression of creativity.

With new advances in contact lense technology, I am now able to wear Dailies Total1 for a portion of the day a few days a week. They are available online from Clearly, as well as any of their three retail locations in Canada (two in Vancouver and one in Toronto). These physical locations also allow you to try your glasses on in person if you prefer. Having said that, they have a fun tool called MyFit that helps you pick the perfect pair when ordering online too.

I’ve owned a lot of glasses in my life, so I’ve learned that listening to the professionals when choosing frames is always a good idea. It’s part of their job after all! The Kam Dhillon Montecito frames in this post were recommended by Clearly’s team member, Chanel. I’m glad I listened to her because they have quickly become my all-time favourite pair of frames! I have been receiving more compliments from strangers than ever. To top it off, the Montecito frames are only $95!!!

With their selection of beautiful, reasonably priced glasses and their extensive offering of contact lenses, Clearly is helping me to #SeeClearly in 2017 without even leaving my house. By making glasses shopping fun, accessible and fashionable, Clearly has me loving my eyes again, wearing glasses that accentuate my outfits and allowing me to save money to spend elsewhere in accomplishing my goals.

What are your goals for 2017? Will you promise to take care of your sight? Eye health is something we often take for granted! I also want to see you all in the Montecito frames because they are seriously so good!!! Best EVER.

If you’re looking to start the new year with a new look from Clearly, I have a special discount code for you that takes 40% off the price of lense upgrades. Just use ‘ELISE’ at checkout (code valid until February 15th). Try out transitions, sunglasses or digital protection lenses if you’re on the computer lots like me. They’re all amazing!

Enjoy! Don’t forget to tag #SeeClearly and myself, so that I can see your new frames!

Photography by Alana Kumar.

Many thanks to Clearly for partnering on this post. Although it was sponsored, all opinions are my own. I have been ordering glasses and contacts from their for years, so it’s the perfect partnership.

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