Summer is over, which means that we’re all getting serious about work again. Although this might sound like a drag, both fall layering and office dressing are things I get pretty excited about.

Personally, I love workwear. Some people call it boring, but I think that ‘office chic’ is totally a thing when you have the right pieces in your wardrobe. If you’re rolling your eyes as you read this because you know I’m self employed and writing this in my ÉLISE pajamas (totally accurate), I want you to know that my working life was spent in an office before I started blogging, so I know the struggle.

Although workwear can be quite casual for those of us living in Victoria (or any small city for that matter), we are still often expected to stay within the bounds of traditional office pieces: trousers, jackets, long skirts, sweaters and shirts. Given that a fun, bright pink, floral print, off-the-shoulder, open-backed top suddenly isn’t an option, we’re going to have to look more at the textiles and tailoring than the actual designs if we want to be creative.

You will know that I have a love for fabrics if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile. The fabric of a garment is important because it affects how you will care for your clothing, how long the item will last, how comfortable it will be to wear and finally, how it will look on your body.

Out of all of the things that make up the world of fashion, it’s not a style, item or design that I love most. My all time favourite thing is silk and how it drapes against the body. In my opinion, there is no clothing more beautiful than that made of silk.

Through wearing simple designs, we get to focus on the subtleties of a garment. Details such as the type of fabric, the way it is cut and how it drapes against the body are suddenly in focus. This is why I like work clothes. Although it’s fun to be over the top, there is also beauty in simplicity and when it’s done properly it can have as much impact as anything.

For this reason, I am excited to share the next instalment of my partnership with The Bay Centre. As the home to Vancouver Island’s only Club Monaco, The Bay Centre has you covered for what to wear at work, or just anytime you want beautiful simplicity.

To me, Club Monaco stands apart from alternatives because of it’s luxurious fabrics and perfectly modern, yet timeless pieces. Take Club Monaco’s silk alternative to the classic button up – I promise that its cut and drape will be inimitable to any cotton shirt you’ve worn before. Their tailored trousers are cropped at the ankle which give that chic Audrey Hepburn appeal. Club Monaco’s jackets are often made from wool, giving them a structure that cannot be obtained from synthetic alternatives. The classic turtle neck came back this season, so Club Monaco released a beautiful variation in soft alpaca wool. Many of their basics are made from Tencel, which is unbelievably easy to care for and drapes perfectly over the body.

For this post, I put together five separate, but completely work appropriate looks from Club Monaco’s latest Fall collection which are all available at The Bay Centre. With the silk, wool and tencel all mentioned above, I think I’m ready to head back to the office. Maybe I can borrow a space at The Bay Centre because we all know I love it!

Photography by Alana Kumar and makeup by Carly Flint.

Turtleneck and Straight Leg Trousers

Club Monaco – The Bay Centre

Product details: Cesana Sweater and Garend Pants


Intricate Knitwear and Cropped Trousers

Club Monaco – The Bay Centre

Product details: Jarvisine Pant and Asal Sweater

img_0035-5 img_0035 img_0036

Long Sleeved Midi Length Dress

Club Monaco – The Bay Centre

Christobelle Dress

img_0044 img_0046 img_0045

Silk Shirt and Wool Coat

Club Monaco – The Bay Centre

Product details: Delaynee Pant, Zaskia Shirt and Santal Coat


Structured Top and Straight Leg Pants

Club Monaco – The Bay Centre

Product details: Garend Pants and Salecah Top