Dress: Ola Dubois – Shoes: Christian Louboutin – Pearls: C+C Lifestyles

Jacket: Zara – Glasses: D&G via Clearly

It has been awhile since I last did a Fair Fashion post, so I’m excited to share Old Dubois, my friend Dani’s collection of dresses made from reclaimed materials. I love clothing with a story, so wearing her one of a kind dresses makes my heart tingle. Handmade by Dani from material which used to be something else makes it more than just a beautiful garment, but something special too.

Because each skirt is a different print and type of fabric, not only are the dresses visually unique, but they all drape differently too. If you’re in Victoria, I would suggest stopping by her Fairfield showroom to try on dresses, do a little twirl and see which one steals your heart. Dani is currently in the process of launching the Old Dubois website too.

Hope you love this dress like I do. Now I just need a wedding to attend!