Perfect for Travel Wardrobe Essentials

Earlier this year I discovered Thacker, a fashion brand based out of New York. I wrote about them here. Thacker sells really cool “wardrobe kits” which are essentially bundles of clothing carefully curated to ensure you have everything you need for a complete wardrobe. The brand lays out the basics and you choose from a few options of each item. The complete package arrives at your doorstop complete their super chic Marfa Weekender Bag. From outerwear, comfortable essentials, items for a night out, accessories and even leather goods, Thacker has you covered in every single way. It’s magical.


Six Super Extra Advent Calendars

I’m 26 years old and my mum still buys me an advent calendar yearly. I love it! There’s something seriously nostalgic about opening up a little square of chocolate each day in December. Although my mum sticks to the classic calendars and sometimes even the ones that are on sale, there has been an influx of super extra advent calendars hitting the shelves over the past few years. The first ones I remember were luxe chocolate brands like Godiva, then David’s Tea started doing theirs (my sister got that one year and we still have the teas at home, so my mum won’t be getting that again) and now there’s makeup, skincare and even alcohol!!! Yup, booze! Dead.


How To Shop at Value Village

I’m obsessed with Value Village. I’ve written about it here, here, here and that’s only the beginning. There’s something wonderfully satisfying about finding a good piece of clothing in a thrift store. It’s easy to find a jacket that’s both cute and cheap at H&M, but getting a beautifully structured wool coat for $12.99 at “VV Boutique” is incomparable. The only issue is that the dry cleaning fee is usually more than the jacket itself. Both jackets in this blog post are 100% wool and were found at Value Village.